The people of Cambodia are very grateful for any donations given as everything helps.

There are two secure, cost effective and fast ways to Donate.

This “DONATE” Page is now as SECURE and as SIMPLE as it could possibly be:


1. The RAWCS link  (Rotary Australia World Community Service) is    and links directly to our financial page at RAWCS and is through Rotary (obviously) and gets to us within a few days. Its up to you which you might choose –  RAWCS or PayPal below?– Members of Rotary AND Australians tend to choose the Rotary (RAWCS)  link and that is partly because  – within Australia donations are tax deductible – for anyone.  ANYONE can donate through either the Paypal link OR the RAWCS link.

2. If you use the PAYPAL button we have your DONATION available to us in Cambodia also within two or three days of you clicking ‘send’.The Rotary link and PayPal link are secure, fast and easy to understand.

 Directly below WILL BE the PayPal Button.

You then fill in amount and any details once you open this ‘button’ link.

If you want to ask us anything, John usually answers emails within one day on

– We have a zero percent administration fee.

Many charities take off a fixed percentage of money they take in., and with most charities that’s anywhere between 10, but more often 20  and up to 80%. We spend the money we need and no one profits in any way from a large donation other than the children of our schools.

Zero percent admin fee.

All our school bills are met – that means our first priority is to pay the Cambodian teachers.

Indeed there are NO ADMINISTRATION FEES  whatsoever and NO ONE is paid except our Cambodian teachers.

You as a donor know where  ALL your money is going and the monies are paid from  Paypal securely to the ANZ (bank) account of EducatingCambodia.

SO THIS IS WHAT WE NEED – both to live from day to day with the existing three schools and some items, such as a new school, are to expand into other districts as needy as ours:-

US$180 one teachers salary for six months

(Ten teachers so far per year – US$3600

US$10 = Nutritious food and vital medicine for a family for 1 week and any multiple of that will help more people.

US$15 = Books and all Stationery for one child for 1 year.

US$150 = Books and Stationery for 10 children for 1 year.

US$ 1500 = Books and Stationery for 100 children for 1 year.

US$10 = Shirt and shorts/skirt and shoes for 1 child.

US$1000 = Shirt and shorts/skirt and shoes for 100 children

US$3000 = Shirt and shorts/skirt and shoes for complete school.

US$180 =  1 qualified teacher’s salary for 6 months.

US$360 = 1 teacher’s salary for 1 year.

US$37.50= Desk seating for 3 or 4 children

US$3750= Good locally made desks and benches for 300 children.

US$1000  = A good well providing filtered water.

US$4000 = Solar power for lights and power for a complete school of 300 children.

US$35,000 -= A complete school as in the photos for 300 children named after the donor or donors

US$750  = Pays for qualified nurses to be present in a village year round to help prevent, teach, diagnose, treat and refer.

US$5,000 =  A small nurse run clinic for a village

Compassion Wisdom and Energy

The spiritual leader of Tibet is the Dalai Lama (actually the 14th Dalai Lama) and he talks of these three essentials, and I believe we must too.

If any one of these things is missing, help becomes poor if not useless or even counter-productive.

If we were to have all the compassion and wisdom imaginable but lacked energy then nothing would happen – no ‘help’ would materialize.

If we had lots of compassion and energy but no wisdom, then we would very probably set off at full speed down an absurd pathway.

Lack of compassion could well mean abandoning someone or even a whole district ‘for the greater good’. Slow though it may make us sometimes, we must not let anyone slip through and be left behind.

This was the first meeting of village elders to discuss the possibility of a school.  I am in a blue Rotary shirt.