Plan for concrete paths at Chuor Pháv and an office in Prey t’Baing.

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Dear friends everywhere – the previous post was just a week ago – but this one is a bit different…. One YouTube clip explaining the need for pathways in Chuor Pháv, a rough plan of the network of paths, seven photos and finishing with two options for a teachers office in Prey t’Baing – at The Antibes School…  Construction of the paths starts next week.

So, the video above explains the need for a network of pathways plus concreting of all areas that flood or get very muddy. Work will commence on August 31 as a School Holiday starts in Cambodia.









The hand drawn plan above shows an entrance way of concrete and the bicycle shed concreted. The central path from top to bottom will be 1.5 metres wide and paths to actual classrooms will be 1 metre wide. Areas around the toilets and the water treatment plant will also be concreted.









Many drafts went into this final plan. The photo above is of John and Zoe going through all the options in the Chuor Pháv Teachers office.









As an example, all the area above where John is standing with Warn will be concreted…..

….All the work both here and next year at Prey t’Baing will be done by Warn…. Warn built our very first ”Rotary Club of Beaudesert” School in 2008… and then, next door to that School, he built the ”Captains Choice” School.









Over the past week, two more sets of outdoor tables and chairs have arrived in Chuor Pháv and two sets in Prey t’Baing, as you will see.







A table and chairs especially for the teachers.








Two sets of tables and chairs for The Antibes School in Prey ‘t’Baing.








The Antibes School does not have an office for the teachers but they do now have a new Printer.








They will however have an office sometime next year. below there are two options for an office …in line to the right of the three room school….







or an ”L” shape effect with the office door opening onto the school verandah.







In both the above options you can see the land to the left of the existing School; this is where any additional School of Classrooms would be built.

One extra but very important piece of news is that the Chuor Pháv complex of Schools will soon get three extra teachers. More news on the Antibes teacher quota soon.

Bye for now, John.






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