Our village families need urgent help at this time of Covid-19

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Dear friends everywhere,

   In our villages, travel to towns is impossible right now because of Covid-19 restrictions; most of the garment factories are closed anyway.

There is no social welfare.
There is home grown food but many of our children’s families are unable to buy either basic ingredients or the most basic of essentials.
     I want to give our main villages a total of US$1000 {AUD$1600 approx) right NOW –
   – we have no petty cash or any Dollars at all to spare – 
       This link takes you directly to the ‘ways to donate’ page in our website. If you can help us with a small amount or a big amount we and our village families will be very grateful.
   If we receive more than the US$1000 it will go towards a new building at the Prey t’Baing {Antibes} School.

Here’s the Donate link:-

There are two ways to donate and both are secure, transparent & with 100% going to the schools (in this specific case, to the families) and zero% going to administration, or IT,  Promotion or anyone other than a Cambodian villager:
– as usual we will give a full report on the outcome of this plea from me.
      Most Australians donate through the Australian Rotary Link. All overseas credit card users will need to use the PayPal link.
    thank you and kindest regards from John.

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