Our schools WITH children – and WITHOUT children. The reality and hence our desperate needs. 86 new photos and notes.

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We will start with introductory notes for all first time visitors to our website: The fist paragraph in italics below appears before every post.

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“If you are new to our projects or haven’t visited this site for a while –here’s how it works:

Whenever you open the site, first-up, you come to the very latest post or ‘blog,’ like this one – and through the years now, we have hundreds of posts and several thousand original photos, all with their own notes. We have over 1340 primary age pupils. Our aim or mission is to provide basic primary education – maths, reading and writing in their own Khmer language, Science and General Studies including History, Geography, health, nutrition and hygiene. Join us please; we pay absolutely no one, no one at all except Cambodian teachers. We have no office or computer staff or administration costs. We rely on your financial help to pay the teachers, maintain the buildings and buy the books. If you like what you see, please find the ‘Donate’ page to the left of your screen and try to help us. (There is also a Donors page which lists all our donors of $500 or above). There’s lots of advice on the site about what money can buy for our children.”

so now – today’s post –

 This photo of the tuktuk with cab removed has nothing to do with today’s subject matter but we just took it and I didn’t want to keep hold of it for ‘later on’.. There are a number of photos of our tuk tuk whose primary function is to ferry  older children to a distant High School. BUT it is used all day and every day and as you know, we can easily remove and replace the seats and protective roof.


OK so today’s subject matter. The photos today can very obviously divided into the first section of 37 photos and then the second section of 49 photos.

Every photo is brand new – I took them all (but one, as you’ll see) – so that is 86 photos and notes today.

 This photo and the three above were taken just inside the School gate close to the tuck shop.

 …and this is the one photo today that I didn’t take. The wonderful Cambodian man from ‘Clearwater Cambodia’ – a Cambodian filtered water charity came to visit our filtration tanks and renew the special sand. Sok Ken the Head Teacher is on the right of the photo. The man from Clearwater Cambodia has brought us an explanatory chart to go on the wall..

Just a reminder.. We built the big tanks shed and supplied and installed a ground water pump to get water to the top of a series of three tanks. Clearwater Cambodia also installed the pipework and taps for the children to drink from.. There are detailed photos in other months’ posts and also later today.


As you scroll through these first 37 photos of today’s 86 photos I want to draw your attention to something VERY STRIKING.

When you look at these photos you see happy and/or studying, safe, boys and girls. So this is the school clean and secure with our, YOUR, children. When you slowly reach the 38th photo, we have removed the children… I’ll explain when we get there!


Continue looking. Try to study the rooms that they are in.


Lots of happy children with their teachers and Head Teacher Sok Ken.


Sok Ken and all our teachers are very proud of their students. They are excellent teachers.


Today, some of our classrooms and all from the morning shift – so this afternoon there’s a completely different set of children



We have 1340 children. On any given day we have approximately 690 girls and 650 boys.

NB. If you go back to the year we started, the elders thought that we wouldn’t want to educate GIRLS. I said very clearly –

“We will educate EVERY GIRL and EVERY BOY or we will not build and run this School.”

Since that day they know that I roam through the villages to ensure that what we want to be happening IS happening.

I have always made it clear to Cambodia and all our friends around the world that ” if the GIRLS are safe, well and at School then we have little in that regard to worry about BECAUSE even Cambodian mothers give EVERY priority to their sons…. NOT AT THIS SCHOOL – girls and boys are equal.





So – now – here we go with part two. You’ve just seen 37 photos of children within their School.

If you look back at the June 28 2017 post you will see 13 photos of children cleaning their school. Their School is CLEAN. 

This is what it looks like WITHOUT the children – we focus on something very different.



So far, very good.. the pink building looks OK as do the water filtering structures – GOOD.


You will see that all 13 blackboards need restoration and some wood work and door fixtures need replacing but mostly it just needs painting – PAINTING – inside and out.








A great many desks need replacement wood or simply replacing. Given money for wood, our families build ALL our desks.



Looking at this toilet block – it is clean but it needs paint.



BREAKING NEWSas I am about to post this to the website – my dear friends Bob Feinberg and Jane Scheckter from the USA via Antibes in France have sent us AUD$100. They sent it via the Paypal link in the Donate section to the left of your screen – we received it in Cambodia in less than 48 hours of Bob clicking the ‘send’ link. When you get down to the play equipment photos, as I have already told Bob and Jane, that’s where their $100 will be spent. John. (if you look through the Donors page you will see that Bob and Jane are already listed as Gold Donors {explanation on that page} from previous occasions).




The schools have had thousands of children in them since 2008 – of course things need fixing and painting – MAINTENANCE.




A development you wouldn’t notice is that 20 truck loads of soil have, this year, have been added to the walking and playing area – making it much less boggy and much more useful.


These swings and slide were given to us by UNICEF a few years ago


You might recall that almost a year ago we were asking for help with funds to build three extra classrooms – to be built exactly where these swings are – and move the swings to the other end of the grounds near the entrance. As you know I became hopeful in November 2016 but sadly nothing eventuated.. We don’t have one dollar in a school building fund.

We need to mend the play equipment. We need to paint this play equipment. (see the above Breaking News – Bob Feinberg and Jane Scheckter’s AUD$100 will go towards fixing and painting this play equipment).

 The slide (slippery dip) needs paint, that’s all – paint.

Today has been about facing reality.

In one and the same day you have seen a lot of happy, secure children studying in the School they LOVE…

.. and these buildings and classrooms that we are all proud of.

To DONATE – any amount – is now easier and safer than ever before.

There  are two main ways to donate:

1. Within the donate page on the left of the screen there is a PayPal link which comes to us within days.

( and this is how TODAY we received Bob Feinberg’s and Jane Scheckter’s $100 in Cambodia within 48 hours of Bob clicking ‘send’. see above.)

2, Similarly there is a good and secure way to Donate through  – http://www.rawcs.com.au

 a) Search for our project:-  it is Cambodia, project 55 2007- 08. (we were registered with Rotary International some time before we named it “EducatingCambodia’, so we are known to Rotary International as Cambodia project 55 2007 – 2008.)

b) This way to Donate also gets to us within days and is tax deductible for Australians.

with Love to everyone from John in Chuor Ph’av Village, Kamchay Mear District, Prey Veng Province, Cambodia.










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