Our first post since May 9 2021- 34 photos and notes to get us up to date.

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Dear friends everywhere,

[Our website is built on a WordPress template and I probably need to update this template as well as the blog update.. I’ll update WordPress next time ..MEANWHILE today’s photos  seem to have been inserted in a  completely random manner… so at the end of this introduction I’ll briefly explain each photo in the order in which it appears through the Blog..John]

“The world is trying to operate with a pandemic raging and sadly, we are no different; as you will see from the past four month’s photos, our schools have, for much of the time been closed and almost everyone, most of the time, is wearing a mask…

For the entire time of schools being closed, our teachers and students have worked full time with both online learning and teachers running classes in all the biggest homes throughout our villages

HOWEVER it seems that the schools are now reopening, to start with – with a limit of 15 children per room – we’ve got a lot of rooms plus we operate on two shifts everyday….so, it’s a reasonable start.

In this catch up period I’ll post all the photos with few notes, as explained above, and I hope it all makes some sense.

1 (the first photo, above) is the most important photo of all. It was taken a few days ago at our Prey t’Baing School. A Cambodian Doctor from within Cambodia has donated US$100 for the School to use. This introduction to independence is what we’ve been aiming towards for 13 years.

2 In preparation for reopening Chanthou and all the District leaders meet to discuss what is necessary.

3 The random placement of photos by WordPress begins..A brick built incinerator, similar to the one at the Chuor Pháv complex of Schools has been built at the Guesthouse.

4 During the entire period of Schools being closed – much of the past 4 months – all our teachers have taught all our children in the larger homes using both their own teaching resources and the Governments online classes … This photo is of a girl studying at home.

5 The first of 5 photos of Landscaping happening at Chuor Pháv while the Schools were closed.

6 Chanthou and leaders around a bed. During lockdown in Cambodia no one can earn any money and there is zero social welfare. The leaders distribute food and essentials from money we have donated.

7 You see a new drinks trough at Prey t’Baing – this is the first of 10 photos of landscaping, maintenance and new capital work at Pret t’Baing (Antibes School)

8 While in lockdown and school closure we have created a Logo (we haven’t had one before) .. you’ll see it on new bags as you scroll.

9 The second of Prey t’Baing’s landscaping photos.

10 – 15 As old friends will know, Clee was the first person I photographed in our villages in 2007; she became our website ”Guardian” at the top right corner of our banner…. So there’s a photo from THEN and NOW.. Right now Clee is an unemployed Actress and Singer – as are Clee’s parents in the next two photos.

16,17 and 18 are three more landscaping photos from Prey t’Baing.

19 Teacher reps from Chuor Pháv receiving the June Salary supplement from Chanthou on our behalf.

20  Teacher reps from Prey t’Baing receiving the June Salary supplement from Chanthou on our behalf.

21 The Entrance sign of our Chour Pháv Schools  is restored and maintained.

22 and while the schools are closed the grounds are well maintained by teachers before and after their home based lessons. You may recall, the statue is a recent addition and is a famous role model for teachers across Cambodia.

23 This one is self explanatory – our new logo appears on, in this case, bags.

24, 25, 26 and 27 are of me, John. in our newly designed hooded jacket.

28 -32 Five photos taken on the first day of reopening in Chuor Ph’av  {Tuol Sen Che in Khmer)..Limited at this early stage to 15 students to every room, twice a day.. plus a photo of the staff room – talking through the Government’s requirements for the first few days.

I’ll have WordPress sorted out by the next time

we post  =  Love from all our children, all the teachers and all the families – and me, John.

We need financial help to keep our Schools running … Please look in the menu to the left of your screen and open the “Donate page for two secure options from which 100%. of money goes to our schools  John


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