Onward – Teddy Bears Arrive – School Cleaned – Maintenance Needed

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We will start with introductory notes for all first time visitors to our website:

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“If you are new to our projects or haven’t visited this site for a while –here’s how it works:

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so now – today’s post -”

One of the developments I am aiming for over the next few weeks is a re-working of the way we pay our teachers. As many of you know I usually place money into the hands of individual teachers and we have receipts. I am going to try for individual Bank Accounts. This could well be a very expensive way of paying teachers ie International transfer many times over, but I WILL find out. The teachers trust me and few others. The world might wish to think that the Governments, Banks and Government officials of Developing Countries are trustworthy – and when, not if, I go down this track – we shall soon know. John


Look at last month’s post and you will see the vacuum sealed Teddy Bears and woollen childrens’ bed clothes. As you look at these photos there is a very big thankyou to the ladies of Kooralbyn, Australia and to Corrinne from The Rotary Club of Beaudesert who organised it all and to another Beaudesert Rotarian, David Jones who spent many a day receiving individual knitted Teddies in his Beaudesert Shop. Thank you.


I haven’t photographed Panya as an individual before. I gave him his teddy yesterday and that day and through the night he didn’t let go of it.. He has come back to The Guesthouse today to play. Someone said that Panya looks nervous in the first photo almost as if I might ask for his Teddy back.. NO, this is Panya’s Teddy. I think he got the hang of it by the fourth photo.

 You know Chanthay. If you look at the banner at the top of this website, Chanthay is third from the left. If you open the ‘village children’ section in the contents list to the left hand side of this page you will find lots of photos of Chanthay, including two where she is giving as much love to her ‘brick’ teddy bear (Yes BRICK) as if it were these teddy bears that she now has for her little sister and her.


Just one of the 25kg of teddy bears made by the ladies of Kooralbyn, Australia went to Panya (same name as a boy with a teddy posted above)…. When this seven year old, still malnourished girl, was 2 years old she would have died without one single dose worm tablet that we gave her. No doctors visit and no nurse until, as you know, our own School graduate RN returned to the village.
Panya is with her 13 year old sister Micara today. Micara has always featured second from the left on our website banner.

 The Chuor Ph’av School Campus is in the same grounds as the Wat – temple, monastery, Community Centre, Fairground and etc. Above you can see that a new entrance Gateway is being built.

 The Schools are on holiday at the moment so I took the opportunity to take around 50 maintenance issue photographs which are mostly paint… paint… and more paint… and more paint..plus play equipment, doors and toilets… those photos are already with The Rotary Club of Beaudesert and if not before, maintenance work will happen later in the year. (I haven’t included the maintenance need photos in this post.)

The school is however clean!! It is cleaned by the children with their teachers:-


If you look at the post from late May 2017 you will see a digger which levelled out many tonnes of soil to raise the playing and potential gardening surface.

Not dropping rubbish and picking up rubbish is incredibly difficult to teach when NO ONE does it naturally. There is no government rubbish collection so we collect and bury or burn what we can’t re-use. In the above photos there is what Australians call an emu parade – everyone outside picking up rubbish.



  All walls inside and out desperately need paint, many desks need fixing, play Equipment needs paint and some welding. Blackboards need re-surfacing. Every door and every window needs minor attention and paint. Some toilets need work.

 I’ll close today with The White Lotus.

The Lotus has huge Buddhist significance (Cambodian – Khmer – people are 97% Buddhist) – especially THE WHITE LOTUS – Beauty growing out of the filth. This is five minutes from the village of Chuor Ph’av.

I reported earlier in the year about farming alternatives to rice.

Lotus farming is risky but possibly lucrative. The roots and stems can be eaten and the flowers used for ceremony and decoration. Much more in a few weeks time – if not before – John



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