News Sources


There are a number of news sources in English focusing on Cambodia.

You might like to know that of all these news sources – if you want what English readers sitting in Phnom Penh cafes are reading – it’s the Phnom Penh Post and Cambodia Daily. this is detailed but comes from outside Cambodia within Cambodia this is a good newspaper written in English with a Khmer translated insert. Unfortunately the free internet version gives little information. This is as good as it gets for English language news. I check the news daily from this site and the VOA site. For those of you with a smart-phone there’s a free Phnom Penh Post App.


Cambodia Travel App. If you have a smart-phone there is a very good app named ‘Cambodia Travel’ – The app has K and H on a red and a green travel tag as the app. This app brings together online everything it can find on Cambodia. News through Google, and news, photos and information through Google images, Picassa, Flickr, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon and Google Maps…. All Cambodia specific. When there’s interest between Cambodia and Thailand e.g. border issues or the possibility of damming the Mekong, its good to read what Thailand thinks about it all! This site would be the best idea of all if it actually worked or was up to date. The site links all the English, French and Khmer language papers in one site. I list it because it may well become useful one day!….Having said all that the rest of the links on this page are all good. Another very good online Cambodian news site. This is a collection of magazine like Youtube clips about Cambodia. I really quite like this one because it is so badly translated from Khmer into English that it has a very real feel about it. It’s a police blotter mostly of a wide variety of crimes from around the country When you open this site, click for the English version. Very few Khmer people have email addresses but many that do go to this site and register with ‘everyday’… they have a well used Khmer dating service and brief snippets of news and a photo gallery. These are the Wikipedia pages and links for Cambodia.