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Exactly eight years ago this was our Christmas miracle photo.. if you have read Nang’s story (on the left of screen) you will know the miracle after miracle of her young life. The baby is Peery.

 Then three years ago I took this photo immediately after Peery’s first day at School – Peery is TEACHING her mother her first ever lesson in reading and writing her own language. Peery was four years and six months old. (Nang and all the villagers never got the chance of SCHOOL). A few weeks later, Nang died

 Peery with her candle.

AND TODAY Christmas Day 2016 Peery wanted to show me she can fly. I said of course you can fly . “show me”..

I am more exhausted than she is as she jumps her rope a hundred times and I move as fast as I can to take another photo – faltering? Never.. Do it again and again ..


And that is a rock hard dirt floor. (a lot more photos in my camera today).

Now …. please – take a look at these portraits of concentration:

..children where no family member before them had ever been to school… all the villages CAN give them is love – and encouragement beyond dreams. All photos are my favourites but I do like this one of the little boy ( from a couple of years ago) just trying 100%.


I posted earlier in the year about our accidental discovery of the success of slate. When there are 100 children in your class – with a sea of slate held up for the teacher to see it’s MUCH easier to correct individual mistakes.

I have a large number of new photos and stories but I think that’s enough for this Christmas Day – There will be a few more at New Year.

Merry Christmas and Love to everyone from all the children, their families and me, John.





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