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To all friends of our Cambodian Schools and villages – welcome to another report full of photos, lots of little stories and a few more videos this time.

This time for me started as a trip to Wales and England to see my fellow Graduation class of 1969 from Drama School years. We have stayed in touch through the years. Today’s report starts with phone donations – also money donations – from friends and from my nephew in York and sister in York together with a photo of Ros…. Ros, who loves what we do in Cambodia.

If, after you’ve read today’s report and maybe browsed through the hundreds of reports and thousands of photos with their stories – you would like to join us in what we do – with a donation – this is what you do:

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There are people who prefer one or the other. Thanks for reading all that – so now on with the report.








These first photos above are of Lis and I in Stephen’s garden in Wales at our Drama School reunion. As you will see a bit later on, Lis’ donated phones are now reset, fixed and for sale in Cambodia and funds there-from will support our Schools.





I am with Ros in this photo. Ros, who has helped our children a lot and continues so to do. Ros knows that she is in the thoughts of all our children and particularly a few children in special need. We were at our Drama School reunion in Late July 2019 in Stephen’s garden in Wales for this photo..

At the same time, and from those Drama School Years, Fanny, David, Ian, and Stephen donated funds. I won’t go into details here, but I will -perhaps in next month’s report.

As I sometimes write – if I miss a donor on the ‘Donor’ Page, I am very sorry, but I can fix it easily.



Below, we find New Eltham (A south London Borough) Post Office. In the United Kingdom, people can own their own Post Office – as do Harish and his wife own this one.   My good friends Phil and Sheila live in New Eltham and have given considerable help to us over all the years. Several times – probably every time I’ve walked into – New Eltham Post Office, Harish has given us a donation.







I have included this next selfie (taken by me) only to show that we really are appreciated NATIONALLY in Cambodia  It is very nice to be welcomed at Phnom Penh International Airport by our good friend Chandai  – Senior Police Officer with National Security  Thankyou Chandai.









Phones that are donated will be reset by Kimheang in our main village – Chuor Pháv Village. He has a shop now – selling anything and everything as you will see. You might recognise phones given very recently in Wales and England by Dean, Barbara, Phil, Liz and Stephen and by Carrie (of My Health… yes the same My Health as our new SCHOOL!…) through her beautiful mother Zoe, who is of course here right now – see today’s photos. The next photo and video are of Kimheang’s shop.

We next visit Prey t’Baing School – a considerable distance from our Chuor Pháv Campus of Schools, but nevertheless, within the geographic and political District of Kamchay Mear in Prey Veng Province.

Still at Prey t’Baing (Antibes) School, we see Zoe and Chanthou sitting outside with Thona using the only place he can find for an office – the verandah.












Next is a section on our ému parades’ or rather on ‘eleven years of trying to deal with litter’. (The video explains it all).




























The last photo (next) in this ému parade’section is of someone many may recognise – Chanthay, who has her very own section in the ‘village children’ section – index to your left. In this photo  you see her with a pepper patch, for a headache.








Below – we find students and their teachers.







In the video above we are invited into the teachers’ office, and in the two photos below, Head Teacher Sok Ken shows Zoe and Chanthou some of the charts.








One of our teachers is a young single man named Soth. Soth bought a piece of land just a few metres from our Schools and has built himself  his very own tiny little house to live in.







You have seen photos of the new outdoor tables and chairs; they are such an obvious success – we have bought some more.

…and after some discussion –

The Guesthouse is one kilometre from the Chuor Pháv campus of schools. The Guesthouse was an instant hit as a drop in centre for dozens of of our neighbouring children and their parents. A lovely photo next of some of the children sitting on our front steps.






We’ll finish today with a video of our Guesthouse taken at twilight. Much more news to come in a few weeks time. John.

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