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If you send us your link with a few words of explanation and if it similar work, in that you help people in poor places, we’ll put a link to your web page on this page, we would appreciate if you put our link on your page too.


“There are 5 sorts of International Aid Projects:

1. Being prepared for disasters, such as ‘shelter box’

2. Emergency requests for BIG money for emergent disasters such as
earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fire and sudden influxes of refugees.

3. Specific global diseases such as Malaria, Polio and AIDS

Rotary and the Bill Gates Foundation are doing extremely well at
trying to eliminate Polio by use of mass vaccinations. It’s a good
site and a good project.

This malaria website shows the difficulty of malaria compared with
Polio (above). Urban areas differ, as do jungles as do strains of
malaria. Treatments vary and mosquito nets only deal with sleep. This
site contains a ‘links’ page with links to 100 malaria organization
websites. So we have a long way to go with malaria. Localized
purchasing of nets is a terrific start and is part of our Kamchay Mear
(district) plan. In cities we can tell people to drain gutters and
stagnant water containers, but in the rural areas we have irrigated
rice fields and ponds for developing fish. Ironically, frogs are a big
protein source for our villages – frogs eat mosquito larvae, but not

4. Focused Regional Projects.

Ours – educatingcambodia –  and many small concentrated projects in
Cambodia, Laos and Northern Thailand fall into this category. They
precise and therefore accountable.

5. World Poverty.

It seems that attempting a global solution is not only very difficult
but a browse of the Internet shows that almost all attempts for the
past 30 years have centered on sub Saharan Africa with mixed results.
(almost all sites related to ‘Live Aid’ of July 1985 deal exclusively
with Concert footage). This certainly doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try
but I believe that loosely sending truck loads of food into some vague
war torn region is going to have very limited focused success.
Precise targets and predetermined routes and accountability need to be
in place.” A Japanese Rotary Club together with Rotary International, providing bicycles to get to school. a blog spot site.. needing money, again for education. There’s reference elsewhere our site to this wonderful online club, including a link to our own article within rotary-eclub; a very good school project close to the city of Siem Reap. Good friends of mine in a Gold Coast, Australia Rotary Club are heavily involved….Everyone has a mentor and mine was and still is Heather Yarker from that’s the Rotary club that’s helping New Hope.. Heather and her husband Ian gave mean help at the outset and right up to the present day that makes Educating Cambodia possible….Ashmore Rotary are ‘Gold Donors’ (see Donors section). Rotary Clubs are in regional districts within their own country. Beaudesert is in the District comprising The Gold Coast of Australia and Northern New South Wales. This is the District’s website. One project I am hoping to get involved with a teaching hospital in Phnom Penh.  It is The Sen Sok International University Hospital. Very briefly, they will train a bright but very poor Cambodian student from start to finish of becoming a medical doctor…..that’s a full seven years….and at a cost of US$15,000. The hospital would subsidize $5000 of that….so a donation or donations adding to US$10,000 will train a Cambodian Doctor.. If you are interested in hearing more then contact me, John or email the Hospital Administrator on Kampot is in the far south of Cambodia. The language school is supported through donations. There are now a large number of English language schools, in towns and cities. This school is helped by a good friend of mine and an Australian Rotary Club as well as The Rotary Club of Phnom Penh Metro.

The big difference between what we do in Educating Cambodia is that our aim is basic Cambodian education, heath and sanitation where there is none. I am certain that we will one day get to teaching English, but first, in rural Cambodia, we have to teach their own reading and writing and mathematics skills. Educating Cambodia is a project of The Rotary Club of Beaudesert (Australia) but we needed a local partner Club and we have had a good relationship with our now friends in Phnom Penh at The Rotary Club Of Phnom Penh Metro.. When I’m in the capital on any Monday I attend their dynamic and happy meeting held in a friendly café. We have had three openings of three schools attended in force by Australians but also each time by the Phnom Penh Rotary membership  Half the people in Phnom Penh Rotary are people like me – westerners trying to help Cambodia, and half are local Cambodian people who are a rare breed of wonderful Cambodian people who have not only climbed out of the mire but are trying to give a helping hand to everyone else. In my mind the Gold Medal goes to Sokchea Saing who runs “Attitude Center for Education”  (ironically its almost next door to the old Toul Sleng torture prison known as S21. – see the section on Khmer Rouge). If I can summarize, Sokchea does two things; he travels the country teaching children and adults who may have already got some education under their belt, a better attitude to managing their career, their work or even their life.. AND the other thing Sokchea has at his house cum office is a dormitory for talented but very poor children to study in Phnom Penh…he raises money for their scholarships.. Cool eh. click on this link to find one of our ‘Gold Donor’ clubs (see donors).  Southport is Gold Coast City and was actually Beaudesert’s sponsor (like a mentor) club when Beaudesert Rotary was founded over 50 years ago. I tried Goggling Beadesert Rotary and this is what you get!  It’s a you tube movie of the opening of our first school. The Rotary Club of Balmoral is in Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland Australia. Rotary Balmoral is one of our ‘Gold Donors’ (see the Donors section). Ailsa Hay from this club – like Heather from Ashmore (see above) gives us invaluable advice. This is the Rotary Club of Mayflower in Plymouth England….yes, from where the Mayflower set sail… In early days I tried and practiced giving talks on Cambodia to this wonderfully tolerant club up there on Plymouth Hoe (where once upon a time Sir Francis Drake played bowls before beating off the Spanish Armada in 1588).