January, February and March 2020: 31 short YouTube videos and 73 photos.

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Hello to everyone from John. (if your browser says that this site is not secure, please ignore that; its a quirk of the software which cant be corrected just yet. The site is very safe and secure.) Please enjoy the videos and photos.

The last post from me was on Christmas Day 2019 – three months ago.

As you will see, the schools are doing well. it is certainly time to post the photos and videos that we have accumulated…..

….a lot of photos and videos this time: 31 new YouTube videos and 73 photos.

Everything is in sequence starting in Chuor Pháv village in late December and closing on my return to Australia with a Rotary meeting. I MIGHT be back into Cambodia well in time for the teachers six monthly salary supplement in May/June otherwise I will send the money electronically. (See closing paragraph after the photos re Corona Virus)

All the video clips contain my commentary and are scattered in time line sequence through the photos so that very largely the entire run of photos WITH videos is self-explanatory –

  • so – there are no notes with or between the photos and videos BUT we’ll start with a complete running order – in note form:

We start in and around the annual fair at Chuor Pháv School – at the Wat/Temple and our Schools.

Next – on Christmas Day I told you that Picadeh (Kamau’s son) was very sick; very sadly Picadeh died and was buried in the Wat grounds.

You have now reached (possibly) a photo of Srey Neang and her piggy bank. This was yet another moving day in the life of our village children. Srey Neang asked me for $2.50 to buy a baby pig. I was delighted by the sound of this ‘farming’ venture and suggested she needed two baby pigs.. Srey Neang said one was enough….The next day, Srey Neang returned with the blue piggy bank. I put money into her piggy and bought more piggies for other children.

Soon there’s a photo of ‘bubbles’ in the Guesthouse and a trip to Prey Veng town through fields of Lotus blooms.

We should have arrived at a series of 48 self explanatory photos and videos (the videos doing the explaining) …… and then 34 photos and videos at Antibes School in Prey t’Baing village – this series finishing with some outside building work; the teachers are building a kitchen area.

Next we should find a photo of me with Clee’s mother and father. Clee was the first person I photographed in any of our villages – you can find lots of references to Clee within this site. If you look up to the top right hand corner of the banner of this site – that is Clee.

Zoe has bought a new 18 year old car which will live at the Guesthouse – built in Japan and lived all its life in Atlanta USA. It has been newly registered in Cambodia.

There are four photos next of the existing volley ball court next to what will become our second volley ball court.

We are almost finished for today. Zoe, Warn (our main builder and my friend), Warns wife Jinny, Chanthou and I took the car on a 3 day holiday to Ratanakiri in Cambodia’s far north east.

We close today with four photos of a Rotary meeting I attended on my return to Beaudesert, Australia in early March 2020

Please browse through the thousands of photos and notes within OUR website. If you feel that you can help us financially – either one donation or regular (whatever you like) then look to the contents list on your left and click on “Donate” – and choose through Rotary or PayPal; both are secure and used successfully by us for several years.

Love from John and all our children, teachers and families.






































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































As I wrote far above – The 31 YouTube videos are self explanatory. Around the videos the 73 photos follow sequentially but need the explanation that you’ll find in the opening paragraphs.

This is all written in the time of Corona Virus and lock down. The software behind this enormous post is not working well at all. SORRY… The alternative to posting this three month summary was to delay the update well into the future.

I am writing on behalf of all the schools, the children and their teachers. Right now, today we are in lockdown in Brisbane, Australia. I have just spoken with people in our villages and they are also (more or less) in lockdown. All our children and teachers are well today. Love from John.

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