Gold Donors

Some people, clubs, and groups of friends have given tens of thousands of dollars. We will maintain two lists. The Gold list includes names of those who have given $500 or more, otherwise we will not list amounts. As we all know, $1 for some people is their fortune and the people of our remote and heavily populated part of Eastern Cambodia are so very grateful for everyone’s help.

* Marks our very first Donor.

Aldridge Carolyn. Antibes, France. (Carolyn did a sponsored swim for our children and raised an amazing 900 Euros)

Aldridge Mags, Antibes, France

Andersson Eva and Roland – Sweden and Antibes France

Antibes, Cote d’Azur, France. (Also see Hilary and Roy King) and our very first Blog of July 2 2011 plus the blog dated 30 December 2011.

Badman Stephen, Wales.

Balmoral Rotary Club

Basson Helen – Le Bar Sur Loup, France

Betchworth Village, Surrey, England.

Buckley-Knight Beverley

Captains Choice Travel Melbourne

Croydon Rotary Club

Delahunty Corrinne

Drescher Joy & Doug

Bob Feinberg and Jane Scheckter  of the USA and Antibes

Carrie Fields

Zoe Fields

Gaardsted Susie

Gordon Martin, Cote d’Azur, France

Greenwell Peter

Hay Ailsa and Don

Hanser Lauren

Hanser Cathy and Hans

Irvin Cathy

Jackson Linda & Mark

King Hilary and Roy, Antibes. France

Lemaire Hilary and Jean Pierre, Avignon, France

* Lockyer Graeme & Anne from Iluka. OUR FIRST EVER DONOR –  in March 2008.

Mann Sam NZ

Mougins School, Cote d’Azur, France

Otago Polytechnic, NZ. Information Technology

Piper Natalie

Rolley S & A

Rosalind Rokison – Betchworth, Surrey

Ros and Ken Rokison – Betchworth, Surrey (also see Betchworth…)

Rotary District 9640

Rotary Foundation (Rotary International)

Nerissa Rowan – Australia

Sam Mann – NZ

Snape Edward – London

Southport Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Beaudesert

Underhill J

Venz R A

Yarrow Building and Plumbing

Zehr Jana

Following our policy of not stating amounts – hundreds of people have given both large and small amounts either anonymously or without leaving a name. There are raffles, auctions and a great little shop in Laravale near Beaudesert, Australia. We will make this list alphabetical and add to it alphabetically:

Angelo Baby

Angelo Kaelan

Angelo Taylor

Beaudesert Breast Cancer Association

Beaudesert Plumbing

Beaudesert Quota

Bonner Bill

Bryan Margaret & Tony

Flynn Mary

Flynn Peter

Forbe-Smith Jon

Harish of New Eltham England.

Hendieh Bailey

Georgetti Susan

Gowans Shanti

Gurman M

Hendieh Bailey

Jamieson Theresa

Kerkwell Richard

Lavers McBain Doug

Lindsay Claire Roberts

Milson Bren & Sue

Neilson Graham

O’Callaghan Val

Parle I

Robins Phil and Sheila, New Eltham England.

Robinson Peter & Lois

Sanders FLEUR (nee Perrie-Chandler)

Sanma P & L

Snowden S

Suddards Ian, Martock England

T. J. Norton

Tracey Patte Peter and Chris

Venz R & E

Warrell Charles Scarlett & Wendy

Watkins Anni Julitha

” For those of you in Dunedin, New Zealand, try to visit the  ‘Friendly Khmer Noodle House’ in George Street. During the making of  this website, Kimleang – the wonderful owner – kept my lunchtimes well  fed as a ‘thankyou for helping Cambodia’. ”

On going thanks to New Zealand’s Otago Polytechnic Department of Information Technology – without whose support this website wouldn’t exist or improve and thrive into the future –

” For those of you in Dunedin, New Zealand, try to visit the
‘Friendly Khmer Noodle House’ in George Street. During the making of
this website, Kimleang – the wonderful owner – kept my lunchtimes well
fed as a ‘thankyou for helping Cambodia’. “