Friends from Sweden. Amazing day. Great photos.

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On December 22 2011 friends from Sweden visited us. When they got to Phnom Penh, Roland and Eva phoned and asked ‘what do you need’?…… Well, with 1000 children in three schools and a Clinic underway – we need a lot. I met them part way to guide them through the dirt tracks – they were carrying in a car, 1000 excercise books and pens, text books, posters, balls….. a lot.

I took them to see ALL the children and the Clinic construction…The Clinic will serve several roles and is unique, certainly in South East Asia. It’s part of the school and will care for children, but also some 12 villages. The nurses (when we employ them) will also visit the villages to teach nutrition and hygeine. BUT perhaps the nursesĀ most important initial role will be to intervene when there are early illness signs and liase with hospitals a long bus ride away. This is in no small part inspired by ‘Nang’s Story’ and Auntie’s unnecessary blindness (See the sections of this site)..

SO: today I have added 18 photos and notes, mostly to the ‘Schools’ section to your right and also ‘Nang’s Story’, ‘Helping This Way’ andĀ ‘Village Life.’ As you can see there are just 3 photos in this Blog…… first turn to the end of the ‘Schools’ section. please enjoy. John.


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