Cambodia 1965: a 56 minute documentary

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For young Khmer who don’t remember 1965 and for those who remember and find it impossible to tell young Khmer that Cambodia was “the Pearl of the Orient”.. THIS IS THE FILM TO WATCH. Many westerners reading this have been to Cambodia in recent years or seen recent photos – this film shows WEALTH, CARS and INDUSTRY. This is essential viewing.
The Khmer Rouge destroyed so much. US bombing was terrible (The US dropped more bombs on Cambodia than they dropped on Japan during WW2 and at the time denied to the UN that it was happening) butĀ ALL the lasting damage was done by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Cambodia is still trying to rebuild. Yesterday, today and for several more months, the three main Khmer Rouge leaders are on trialĀ  – and denying guilt. This denial is having a profound effect in Cambodia – people everywhere are talking through their experiences. In a few days time I will write from OUR villages giving their experience of those disastrous years.

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