news and on going news.. faintings and the trials.

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There’s a blog earlier about faintings and the writer wanted additional news. I repled (which is below) and I repeat it here, since my reply covers news from Cambodia in general:

Hi… these faintings are happening very often… about once a week at least.. you see there are around 300,000 people working in the garment industry, with often 1000s in one shed. The Voice of America Khmer edition and the Phnom Penh Post (both online) usually report them. Nothing has changed since the blog I posted and blame is not accepted by the company owners. I. John, write the blog and have today returned to Cambodia from Australia where I was talking to Rotary groups…. I will catch up the biggest issue of the moment – The Khmer Rouge Trials, the faintings and new issues as they arise… Updating of our village projects over the coming weeks will be done. Thanks for your comment

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