Veresdale Scrub School uniforms to Cambodia.

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We’ve never before simply copied a letter to the website, but I think that this letter describes a wonderful donation very well. Here it is:

To Veresdale Scrub Primary School, Qld, Australia.

Dear Principal,
                       you and I spoke on the phone on April 2. We inherited bundles of your old but brand new uniforms and I told you I was taking them to our villages in Prey Veng Province, Cambodia.
    We have 1080 children in our schools. The schools, although public, government and free receive no money from the Cambodian Government (they haven’t got any). There is not one comparatively wealthy family – all families have a daily family income of between one and two dollars per day from rice cultivation. (and no, everything is not cheap; petrol is US1.40 per litre which affects the price of everything.)

We presented your beautiful uniforms and these children and their teacher posed for the photo.
Please open the website below. you will see all of our photos over seven years. To begin with we had children in rags or less. We bought uniforms for our first 200. We immediately realised that uniforms meant STRONG CLOTHES to share with the family. We have frequently bought more uniforms with donated money. You will see from photos over the years that appearance has much improved because of these trickles of uniform support.
   So, to receive your donation of strong Australian uniforms is truly wonderful – thank you.
This was what most of our original children looked like. (see the ‘schools’ section of the website)
We are in the same financial boat with exercise books, text books, paint, teachers wages (ten Cambodian trained teachers with 80 – 100 per class twice a day – two school shifts.)
We can’t accept books as donations because a) we don’t teach English yet and b) we can buy what we need in Phnom Penh when we have money.
     Again, thank you so much for the uniforms,
                                    with kindest regards and thanks,
PS. I have large versions of these photos if you’d like them.

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