PART 6: June and July 2013

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We close today with a series of photos taken through the villages. On July 28th there was a Federal election with two main parties competing for the enormous rural vote – The CCP (Cambodian Peoples Party led by Hun Sen) and the newly formed CNRP (Cambodian National Rescue Party led by Sam Rainsy). Cambodia is in a state of increasingly healthy political activism. I certainly will not discuss it further here except to say that all our villages are vocal and interested in this particular election – exciting times! There are poster photos in the villages from those two main parties.   Every house you see in this last group of photos has between 6 and 10 people living in it – entire extended families. There is only one main sleep room cum living room with a split bamboo floor and people sleep on thin mats. Most ‘living’ and chatting, cooking and eating happens under and immediately next to the house along with a cow, a pig and chickens.    

The photo below is of a rice spirit still. There is another rice spirit still featured in “Nangs Story” to your left of screen.    looking at the photo of a bed underneath a house – this is where the village Leader lives. He chooses to eat, sleep and work from this downstairs exposed area. He even has a $13 mobile phone ‘disguised’ as a landline. (there are no landlines… or electricity).

There are now ‘shops’ in all our villages. I’ve included photos of three shops. When I say ‘shops’ I mean an awning on the road (track) selling simple goods. Petrol, both 2 stroke and 4 stroke is sold in 500ml plastic coke bottles. One litre of petrol cost more than a families combined daily income. Today petrol in Cambodia cost $US1.30.

Here are two photos of play. They are having great fun with a ball made with a plastic bag packed with more plastic bags.


When you browse through our site you will find hundreds of pictures of village children.. these two are in grade 1 in our Chuor Ph’av School.

The main form of rural pulling power throughout rural Cambodia is the Grabeh (water buffalo). These three live at Nangs House, next door to me.

I’ve fixed up a tiny English class at the house where I live. In this photo Chanthou is being taught some English writing by one of our Antibes teachers – Tian … Tian cannot speak English but can read and write simple English!


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With much love to The World from our 1000 children and their families.


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