Rotary meeting of July 18 in Phnom Penh

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We’ve included three photos today taken during Monday’s meeting of The Rotary Club of Phnom Penh Metro, again at Villa Khmer.

A week doesn’t go by without several new faces calling in to tell us why they are in Cambodia and what they are doing and usually to ask our advice about the way to go about things here.

This first photo is of Chris and a lady visiting from the USA. She is a Board member of

Its a really good orphanage of 75 severely (more than usual) orphans – many have AIDS, cerebral palsy and other difficult conditions. They have and need a lot of Cambodian staff. No foereigners are paid either here or in the USA.

The man on our left is the manager of the Sharingfoundation orphange (see above)

The two happy faces on the right are two of our own Phnom Penh Rotaract members (young Rotary).

The Sharing foundation visitors are not members of Rotary – they just came along to tell us what they do. It is a huge advantage to have Rotary support for a project. We encouraged them both to join, particularly the Cambodian manager.  educatingcambodia (this site) is certainly a Rotary project. One of the simple advantages is that people can see that other thoughtful people also support your project.

The two men on the left are Chris (immediate past President), holding the Rotary Club of Phnom Penh flag and a Rotary visitor from Holland who gave us an interesting powerpoint presentation.  on….Holland! (flags are swapped – Rotary is a worldwide organisation).

Next week I should be able to travel to our villages again.

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