Antibes and Hilary and Roy King

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I have corrected the Donors page today. You will see a couple of blogs down about a wonderful visit from Eva and Roland who live in both Sweden and Antibes (Cote d’Azur, France. Antibes, through Hilary’s shows and entertainments in france have always been one of our very biggest helpers… one time – a Caterer at the Monaco Grand Priz, just along from Antibes donated a large sum and the children in Cambodia were wide eyed at the thought of racing cars through the streets.

Roland has just pointed out to me that neither Antibes nor Hilary and Roy are listed as Donors. I was amazed when I checked – sorry. I’ve added both Antibes and Hilary and Roy. If you look at the first ever real blog dated July 2 2011 you can see that it’s Hilary who orgaises shows for “Our Cambodian Family’ People from all around Antibes attend her shows and the money comes to us. A lot of Hilary’s money is in there too. I am also adding Mags Aldridge, Hilary’s number one helper. Its to Mags that I send new photos big enough to project…. If YOU dear reader of this want to fund raise some how for us and need 1mb photos then please email me on and I’ll send you what you need. John.

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