Chanthai and Uch Bophal – our Dentist

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You would have to look at the rest of Chanthai’s life to find words good enough to describe how I feel today. It is a glorious day.

First then a quick look back at the 8 years we have known Chanthai (these photos are also within the villoage children section to your left.

 and next – Chanthais first day ever at school. in the butterfly tee shirt.

For all of the past eight years Chanthai had smashed upper secondary teeth – impacted into her upper gum. One of her lower incisors had grown to meet that top gum.

In September 2014 Dr Uch Bophal extracted the smashed teeth and had to operate on her upper gum and prepare her for implants.

And just one week ago a whole day was spent working on Chanthais mouth, making moulds and calculations for her new teeth.


A very happy day.

Chanthai with Dr Uch Bophal at The Pachem Dental Clinic in Phnom Penh.

Many many thanks to Pachem Dental Clinic for giving us a big discount and to Dr Uch Bophal for all her kindness and skill.

Thanks to Jana Zehr for her huge donation of AUD 1000 to make this possible.. Your reward Jana is Chanthais smile forever.

Thanks to The Rotary Club of Beaudesert and everyone in the villages of Kamchay Mear for loving Chanthai. John.






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