Posters and a picture from France and new School Photos – Beaudesert Rotary School and Antibes School!

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If this is your first time to our website – this is how it works – you have opened on The Blog; this particular Blog is about our wonderful friendship with Mougins School in The South of France, a new Theatre, a Show and what it all means.

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and now back to TODAY’s BLOG.

Posters and a Picture from France and New School photos (Beaudesert Rotary et Antibes Schools)

45 photos today.

First though – The Guesthouse: I wrote on September 27, below, that we will update on Guesthouse progress. I really don’t want to fill the website with what might seem like small progress photos so please bare with us a little while longer. The main building is more or less complete now and over the next two months we will build the toilet and shower block. I doubt very much whether the kitchen will be built before the visit from The Rotary Club of Beaudesert in January – we will eat well from a make shift kitchen!

Mougins posters!

If you scroll down to September 27 you will find that I was at The Mougins International School in the South of France. During my time visiting the classrooms I was given three posters and a small booklet of childrens pictures, all to take back to our Antibes School in Cambodia. You will see on the September 27 post, about half way through, me holding one of the posters! I also met a wonderful singer named Jane who has performed a benefit concert for us in Antibes (just down the road from Mougins) – Jane and her husband Bob came to Mougins School for the play (see below) and also presented to me a signed photo to give to the children in Cambodia….

….. so….. we framed the three posters and Jane’s picture and they are now hanging in the three classrooms of Antibes School in Prey t’Baing. These photos were taken the day we hung the pictures – November 21….

please enjoy the emotion in these pictures:

I took the first ten on my phone and are of poorer quality than the others taken with my Lumix.

 and this picture taken November 21 2014 includes moi (as they might say at Mougins School.)

We’ll finish today with the 20 photos shown , until today, only at the Sylvia Syms concert on Cap d’Antibes on November 7  and 8. They are all new and most are self explanatory – I’ll put notes with some.

{If perhaps you first scroll back to planning for Sylvia Syms concert you’ll get some idea of the importance of Sylvia in the past sixty years of British film, TV and Theatre.

EDITED later the same day 24.11.14

Hilary has just sent me three photos of Sylvia at her own concert. The first two are Syvia performing and the third is with Sylvia’s actress daughter Beatie Edney.

At her ‘show’ Sylvia told many stories of particularly the social and political impact and context of many of her performances. On those two nights in Antibes, done entirely for our schools, a phrase used by several in the audiences was “Slvia was simply magnificent. From all our children, their teachers and their families, thankyou very VERY much to Sylvia and EVERYONE in the audiences and all the organisers.

Many of you reading this have followed and traveled with us for several years now, and you will know that HILARY is the Producer of ALL our shows… and almost all the shows – all the ‘Bon Chance Antibes’ messages are for shows in Hilary’s HOME1

Hilary in turn has many helpers, Mags particularly but indeed as we often say, our FAMILY is very big. I have come to know many of Hilary’s friends and they in turn are 100% part of the Cambodian childrens family.}


some of our 13 and 14 year olds outside the teachers house ‘Chez Hilary’ with new books.

 Sok Ken our head teacher with a stock of text books.

 meanwhile over at the Antibes School.

 tuck shops run near the entrance gate of the Chuor Ph’av campus. The Rotary Club of Beaudesert.

 and now some photos of part of the morning parade at 6.45am at Chuor Ph’av. Remember there are two shifts operating. The second team starts at 12.30pm.

and so from early morning parade under the Cambodian flag, its into the classrooms for a morning of lessons.

Later this week  there will the story of a girls teeth! Chanthai has her own section within the ‘village children’ section in the index to the left of screen – she has had a mouth full of crushed useless and untreated teeth. Tomorrow her teeth reconstruction is completed and I will put together a short before and after story.

I can promise that next weeks post will be ‘Guesthouse Progress’.





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