‘Concentrating’ at school. 33 brand new photos.

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If you look at the two posts below you will find the build up To Anne Reids show which was in Antibes, France on June 6 and 7.

On May 29 the Blog tells us lots about Anne Reid. She is in fact one of England’s most popular actresses. Anne performed for our schools to packed houses on both nights. I am told that the shows were ‘brilliant ‘fantastique’ – we are so very grateful to Anne and to all the wonderful people of the Cote d’Azur in France.

Before Anne’s shows the audiences were shown new photos of our children and schools. No one else has seen these photos.

Here today are the first set. Children concentrating at school.

(next week will be ‘Chalk and Peery’s first day at School’ …)

   For the first time in the history of our website, today we are concentrating entirely on close ups of our children studying in class…. not posing or waving – studying. John.


Remember that everything you see in these photos that helps the children learn has come from donations – everything – the building, the teachers salaries, books, pens – even the clothes they are wearing.

  Notes at the front of an Antibes classroom of individual progress.

      The boy concentrating VERY hard is Tian and he wants to be able to get a job ” so I can help my family.” – He is eight years old. NO ONE in his family has ever been to school before.



We hope you liked our collection of ‘cencentrated study’… On July 3 we’ll post ‘Chalk and Peerys first day at school!’   John.




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