Protected Forests!?

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A very well known environmentalist named Wutty was killed by what appears to be military police in Cambodia. This is a VERY good and important article about illegal logging in Cambodia. There are protected forests to protect the rare ancient rosewood trees and others. Everyone in Cambodia knows that the illegal logging is supported by high ranking police and military and several political families. If you are interested in either, Conservation, Cambodia or Corruption (or all three!) then read this.

For some years now high ranking families and senior military have been implicated in cutting down protected trees, cutting them up to small blocks and then transporting the wood (destined for such things as expensive car dashboards and steering wheels) in top of the range cars such as Lexus.

Wutty has for a long time been fighting this corruption and in an obvious confrontation in the western forests has been shot dead by what seems to be military police! When there is a significant development, I’ll post it. John.

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