‘Magical’ piano recitals! Bon Chance Antibes with love from your children.

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There will be several ‘blogs’ and additions to the site over this coming week.

If this is your first time to our website – this is how it works – you have opened on The Blog; this particular Blog is about a show (concert) on The Cap d’Antibes, Francethis coming Friday and Saturday – April 25 and 26.

If you scroll down you can see all the posts of the past years.

If you look to the left side of this page you will see an index of sections. There are sections on why? and how we do what we do, our mission and sections on history. one section is named ‘Donors’ and lists, obviously, those people who have helped us financially – this list is kept up to date. When you’ve explored the site perhaps you would like to help us financially. To give you an idea – some people have given one large (or small) amount and others give say $5 every single month. Everything is VERY welcome.

and now back to TODAY’s BLOG.


This a copy from the most recent additions to the Facebook page of ‘Antibes for Cambodia”

“The magical Evelyne Berezofsky comes to La Timonerie for two piano concerts – April 25 & 26. Evelyne is the 2013 winner of The Roy King Bursary; she will play Schumann, Rachmaninov and ravel in aid of our schools project in Cambodia. Donations of 25 Euros to include wine and canapes, go directly to Prey Veng where we have helped build three schools”

{La Timonerie is the concert venue. If you are in the Cote d’azur region of France you will find the concerts and shows are also advertised locally for more information. John }

┬áThis is Evelyne Berezofsky, winner of The Roy King Bursary in London 2013. Evelyne performes on Cap d’Antibes on April 25 and 26. (see above)

Bon Chance Antibes from John and your 1080 children in Prey Veng, Cambodia.

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