PART 2: June and July 2013.

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This is part 2 of the series June and July 2013 -


…. Is far bigger than most rural houses and is made from heavy Cambodian hardwood (money donated for this purpose last year). You may remember that we are trying to help the villages with an income stream so that they can eventually   help with the maintenance of their own schools – or indeed to simply get a better diet for their families! Last year, although we raised 300 chickens, overall it was done badly, partly because no one close to the Chicken House knew anything about chickens and sadly, it seemed impossible to encourage and teach that particular group of neighbours. We had built it at a far end of a village specifically to show that the entire village owned the project  – so that the school was in one place, pigs raised in another and chickens somewhere else. SO, we needed to move the Chicken House nearer to the centre of the village. No one was offended or shamed, indeed everyone was relieved. I imagined that the Chicken House would need to be dismantled – basically knocked down and cut into pieces and carried through the villages and then eventually rebuilt – I was not hopeful!!….

….BUT there was a village meeting and this was the result: Trees were trimmed’ trees were pulled sideways with ropes and 40 men walked The Chicken House intact right through the village of Chuor Ph’av to its new home. They had sawn it off at ground level and currently small concrete foundations are being put around each support column… it’s just about 20 centimetres lower than it used to be!

There’s a series of photos and a short video –  see if you can watch the Chicken House being moved without smiling!


…..And here it is! the ONLY IN CAMBODIA youtube clip.. “How to move an incredibly heavy and huge Chicken House”


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