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On Sunday June 10th our best friends from Antibes and surrounds will gather on Cap d’Antibes for a concert of  great importance to both the people of Antibes and the children and families of Kamchay Mear District in the Prey Veng Province of Cambodge (Cambodia).

The people of Antibes love the children and the children love Antibes – a long way on a map but right there together within their hearts.                            Bon Chance Antibes.

If you scroll down a little to the previous blog you will see some of the photos and messages
that you might see together at the concert.

… and the photo is of Sok Ken, our senior teacher; on Sok ken’s left is Chanthou who figures a lot in yesterday’s blog about farming in the villages – Chanthou is our village liaison and my number one helper – she has been from the beginning. I am on Chanthou’s left. We are holding photos of Antibes. Antibes is in the Cote d’Azur, France and overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Roland and Eva, sometimes from Sweden and sometimes from Antibes were visiting 6 months ago (Earlier reports in this blog) and gave us many books, lots of love and beautiful photos from Antibes.. John.

ADDED June 15 – I’m waiting for photos and a report from France but email messages to me say it was a GREAT night.. so photos soon. John.

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