Chanthou returns to Cambodia

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is about Chanthou returning to Cambodia.

The photo is taken at a meeting of The
Rotary Club of Beaudesert. Yes it looks like a pub (hotel or Inn) because we
meet in the upper room of The Logan and Albert Hotel in Beaudesert at 6.30pm
every Tuesday.

I am standing with Chanthou sitting looking down and to her left are Suzie and Pete, fellow
Rotarians who have been particularly kind and generous to Chanthou
during her 6 week stay in Australia. To my right is Mark. It was Mark and his wife Linda together with Mark’s brother – Al and Al’s wife Sharon, who live in England - and as you may recall from previous blogs came to the villages in January, along with young son Mathew (4 months ago) – who very generously sponsored Chanthou for her Business Visa and airfare plus Mark and Linda in Beaudesert hosted her for the six weeks.

Five minutes after this photo was taken we
were on the road to Brisbane Airport and the start of her journey home via
Singapore. Her bags were VERY overweight because of donated clothing and
English language books she had to carry!

During Chanthou’s 6 weeks hosted and sponsored by a group of Beaudesert Rotarians she
had a wonderful time. Incredible support from – I’ll just list first names –
Linda, Mark, Corrinne, Peter, Joy Another Peter and Suzie… and friends outside
Rotary – Vanessa, Richard… and many others.

Chanthou was an invaluable help at our 3 day District Conference – she attended all of
Beaudesert’s meetings and visited schools to talk about our Cambodian Villages.

Chanthou visited Currumbin Sanctuary (feeding lorikeets and cuddling koalas) and went to
a thousand shops and markets… Gold Coast beaches and the artificial beach at
South Bank Brisbane. She went up to the border range (between NSW and
Queensland where Richard and Susan at Wild Mountains hosted her for a day. Four
times to Tamborine Mountain where Vanessa and Robert showed her round there
Avocado, tomato, rhubarb and corn Market Garden. A Dairy farmer named dennis
looked after Chanthou where she was awestruck by automated circular milk race.

Chanthou is back in Chuor Ph’av, our main village in Prey Veng today…. With a lot to think
about! It was really good for Chanthou to see how we try to raise both
awareness and money. She has sown seeds of awareness in the minds of many.                             John.


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