Khmer New Year in Marsden Queensland Australia.

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Marsden is a small suburb 30 minutes south of the centre of Brisbane close to central east coast of Australia. Like many places Cambodians came here mostly in the early 1980s from refugee camps just across the border in Thailand. Many regions in the USA, France, Austrlia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada and others became their new home. Most have had children or grand children born in their new countries. Some have returned to Cambodia and are helping with the gradual rebuilding of Cambodia but ALL still LOVE KAMPUCHEA – Cambodia.

Khmer New Year was 13th to 15th but celebrations were continuing all the week. We went from Beaudesert the 45 minutes to the Queenslaand WAT were 500 local Khmer were having a party and dance. (I had also visited a few days before in daylight – those photos include monks putting finishing touches to an elephant! and little Buddhas being prepared for sale and the monks accommodation.







The photos are all taken around the Wat (temple and monastery and centre of all activities) the stage erected next to the Wat had 8 Khmer performers who were brought over from Cambodia specially for New Year. The three flags are the Cambodian flag, the Buddhist Association  and the Australian flag.






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