Where we are nationally with the Khmer Rouge Trials.

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On December 13 2011, I wrote a blog about the effects of the KR trials on our very rural isolated villages. (see that date!)

Someone wrote a nice comment and asked if I knew of any other blogs on this particular topic.. I replied and have copied and pasted my reply as a new blog for today. Its where we are with reporting the trials:

Thanks… good question… The trials are happening right now and although all of the Cambodia related news sites are reporting the trials they are not digging any deeper than that. There is very much a culture of caution and even fear surrounding the ones on trial and what they did ( accused of doing)… We have a situation where the entire population knows that the Government is frankly uneasy about the trials and certainly wants NO MORE… We have had 30 years of the people now on trial walking around free and even popular in their own regions…. SO its very difficult to find any ‘comment’ at all. At the moment the three main men are on trial and basically still either denying and/or justifying. I am not writing about it every day although I could. I’ll wait until there’s a pause or change in direction and then give a summary in the Blog. John

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