“Anne Reid to perform in Antibes for our Schools” June 6 and 7. Bon Chance Antibes.

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On Friday and Saturday night, the 6th and 7th of June Anne Reid is performing for a very welcoming Cote d’Azur audience and for our Schools in Cambodia. Remember that other than ten Cambodian teachers we have zero administration or expenses – no other staff… so 100% of what people donate goes to our schools. This was in the Antibes press the other day. (we will report on the performance night around the 11th of June, along with 50 or more photos that the Antibes audience will have seen on Show weekend) :-

‘Dear friends

 A fabulous start to the summer awaits you!!!
We bring you news of a World Premier cabaret at La Timonerie, when National Treasure, Anne Reid returns to the Riviera to give the very first performances of her brand new cabaret “Love Bytes.” Anne  is one of Britain’s most-loved and respected actors, star of the very popular Last Tango in Halifax, Ladies of Letters, Dinnerladies and Coronation Street.
Every since she was memorably electrocuted by a hair dryer in the early days of Corrie, Anne  has been a familiar figure to audiences everywhere in her many roles on television, stage and screen. In 2004 she received accolades and acclaim for her starring role in the film The Mother, as a woman who has an affair with her daughter’s boy-friend, played by Daniel Craig.
Her cabaret career started right here in Antibes in July 2012!!  That first show, performed with her award-winning musical director Stuart Hutchinson,  went from La Timonerie to the West End  where she garnered rave reviews in the national press.

Never was “book now to avoid disappointment” more sincerely meant! Anne’s unique talents, humour and  warmth make for an unforgettable evening of pure cabaret joy.

 Donations, as always, directly to our schools’ project in Cambodia.

The show starts at 8.00pm  on June 6 and 7.   We welcome you from 7.40 pm onwards.

 Please note the show is at La Timonerie and NOT( for technical reasons) at Theatre Antibea as previously stated.

Your donations (cash please) include complimentary wine and canapés at intermission”

 This photo was taken last week in a classroom at the Antibes School, Cambodia. John. ( lots of photos next week after the show in Antibes.) . There will be various links to this and about the weekend through Facebook and emails. John.


Mougins School, France

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A lot is happening in and around our Schools. I have around 100 photos with their notes to upload but I will wait another week – then I can report on a Show in Antibes where the photos will be projected and at the same time report on the fundraising show itself!

The next posting after this one will be to promote those shows (June 6 and 7)

If you open this link below you will discover the website of MOUGINS SCHOOL near Antibes, France. The students, Staff and Students Council raised money, ALL of which has arrived here in Cambodia for the books at Antibes School (Prey t’Baing Village).




Ros and Tians’ story

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If this is your first time to our website – this is how it works – you have opened on The Blog; this particular Blog is about a special moment in our schools and other things too.

If you scroll down you can see all the posts of the past years.

If you look to the left side of this page you will see an index of sections. There are sections on why? and how we do what we do, our mission and sections on history. one section is named ‘Donors’ and lists, obviously, those people who have helped us financially – this list is kept up to date. When you’ve explored the site perhaps you would like to help us financially. To give you an idea – some people have given one large (or small) amount and others give say $5 every single month. Everything is VERY welcome.

and now back to TODAY’s BLOG.

Ros and Tians’ story.

There are many great stories within our schools. This is one of them – you’ll like this:

Last year I was told by the Kamchay Mear Regional Government that one of our teachers was not qualified and he would have to leave. (All our teachers are Cambodian – we have no foreign staff whatsoever). The teacher was not only our very first employee (we have retained all our teachers since 2008) but also a very good helper to me personally – Tian. Tian takes me places, builds things, fixes things – a great guy.

This is Tian, wearing a Veresdale School hat, with his daughter, Oun.

There was no way that Tian could afford the US$1000 needed for four years of study during all the school holidays to get the necessary degree. If we could provide that $1000 then Tian could stay.

I’ve mentioned this before but not in any detail.

My good friend Ros in England has given several generous donations – see the website in a number of places including a spectacular one on December 12 last year about a show Ros put on in her Surrey Village. Ros donated the $1000 for Tian. Our very first sponsorship has been to train one of our very own teachers. So, Tian stays. Now check out the rest of today:

They weren’t expecting me yesterday so everyone was unprepared. The teachers called ‘Play time’.



And meanwhile with Tian outside chatting with the other teachers at the other end of the school, I walked into his classroom.


The children, aged 12 and 13, Tian’s students, didn’t know I was there

And then they did.

Tian’s empty desk.

Tian’s students were studying.

Thank you Ros. Thank you everyone.

EXTRA –  Our tuck shops are run by local mums – this was yesterday. It’s mostly fresh homegrown fruit and things like corn and sweet potato.


EXTRA EXTRA. Just a brief update on the Guesthouse we will build in the villages. We are accumulating wood at the moment (the land is ready) two days ago 360 lengths of teak – 9 metres by 15cm by 5cm arrived. A reminder – no money for the guesthouse is coming from donations from anywhere; it’s a business project funded by a group of friends. It will be for visitors and volunteers.

              Bye for now from a very humid Chuor Ph’av – John.