Veresdale Scrub School uniforms to Cambodia.

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We’ve never before simply copied a letter to the website, but I think that this letter describes a wonderful donation very well. Here it is:

To Veresdale Scrub Primary School, Qld, Australia.

Dear Principal,
                       you and I spoke on the phone on April 2. We inherited bundles of your old but brand new uniforms and I told you I was taking them to our villages in Prey Veng Province, Cambodia.
    We have 1080 children in our schools. The schools, although public, government and free receive no money from the Cambodian Government (they haven’t got any). There is not one comparatively wealthy family – all families have a daily family income of between one and two dollars per day from rice cultivation. (and no, everything is not cheap; petrol is US1.40 per litre which affects the price of everything.)

We presented your beautiful uniforms and these children and their teacher posed for the photo.
Please open the website below. you will see all of our photos over seven years. To begin with we had children in rags or less. We bought uniforms for our first 200. We immediately realised that uniforms meant STRONG CLOTHES to share with the family. We have frequently bought more uniforms with donated money. You will see from photos over the years that appearance has much improved because of these trickles of uniform support.
   So, to receive your donation of strong Australian uniforms is truly wonderful – thank you.
This was what most of our original children looked like. (see the ‘schools’ section of the website)
We are in the same financial boat with exercise books, text books, paint, teachers wages (ten Cambodian trained teachers with 80 – 100 per class twice a day – two school shifts.)
We can’t accept books as donations because a) we don’t teach English yet and b) we can buy what we need in Phnom Penh when we have money.
     Again, thank you so much for the uniforms,
                                    with kindest regards and thanks,
PS. I have large versions of these photos if you’d like them.

a magical red tuk tuk and a plea from John.

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Peter Greenwell, a member of The Rotary Club of Beaudesert, has been to see us in Cambodia and loves what we are doing and trying to do.

Peter paid for this troop carrying tuk tuk. It is primarily for getting our potential high school students to High School. We will get about 15 Cambodian teenagers in this vehicle. It will also be used for ferrying children and infirm where they need to be. One or both benches fold up so making a strong cargo carrying vehicle.

We bought it last week and took delivery with sign writing on April 19.

Its a brand new model and catches the eye does it not.


On the 20th, Easter Sunday, we drove our beautiful magic red tuk tuk home through Phnom Penh, through rural Cambodia to our villages. She blends in well eh?

We got her home to a very warm welcome. Thankyou Peter

So…. now I’d like you to look at this second hand but as new American Ford ambulance, equipped at the asking price of US$23,000 here in Cambodia…


We need this ambulance. We have a Clinic and all permission from the government to operate as a Hospital/Clinic and Pharmacy – but we have no Doctors. The regional (District) government has a large regional clinic but no money – but they have DOCTORS. They have no AMBULANCE. If we buy them an ambulance they immediately give us Doctors on shift and the region (Kamchay Mear) uses our ambulance.

PLEASE please please ask yourself or friends or business friends for help to buy our ambulance.

Please imagine the advertising space all over this ambulance… You wouldn’t drum up any business in Cambodia but I think as a world citizen a photo of this ambulance on an office wall and in advertising would do no harm.

A donation within Australia is tax deductible, elsewhere I’m not sure.

Our children and our families need this ambulance, please try to help. Contact me for any questions and/or bank details or through the website for paypal (donate section)

For PayPal please click on “Donate” then click on the red ‘Donate now’.  Your donation however big or small goes from PayPal to The Rotary Club of Beaudesert (part of Rotary International) and then directly to us in Cambodia.

We received our first donation of $10 late last week and then $1500 from the UK. Both donations were through Paypal then via Beaudesert Rotary Club and we received it ALL in Cambodia in a matter of hours. Please tell your business friends about the ambulance. Thanks from John in Cambodia.

Thank you and from John in the villages in 35C of heat!

Again, thanks a million times over Peter. John

‘Magical’ piano recitals! Bon Chance Antibes with love from your children.

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There will be several ‘blogs’ and additions to the site over this coming week.

If this is your first time to our website – this is how it works – you have opened on The Blog; this particular Blog is about a show (concert) on The Cap d’Antibes, Francethis coming Friday and Saturday – April 25 and 26.

If you scroll down you can see all the posts of the past years.

If you look to the left side of this page you will see an index of sections. There are sections on why? and how we do what we do, our mission and sections on history. one section is named ‘Donors’ and lists, obviously, those people who have helped us financially – this list is kept up to date. When you’ve explored the site perhaps you would like to help us financially. To give you an idea – some people have given one large (or small) amount and others give say $5 every single month. Everything is VERY welcome.

and now back to TODAY’s BLOG.


This a copy from the most recent additions to the Facebook page of ‘Antibes for Cambodia”

“The magical Evelyne Berezofsky comes to La Timonerie for two piano concerts – April 25 & 26. Evelyne is the 2013 winner of The Roy King Bursary; she will play Schumann, Rachmaninov and ravel in aid of our schools project in Cambodia. Donations of 25 Euros to include wine and canapes, go directly to Prey Veng where we have helped build three schools”

{La Timonerie is the concert venue. If you are in the Cote d’azur region of France you will find the concerts and shows are also advertised locally for more information. John }

 This is Evelyne Berezofsky, winner of The Roy King Bursary in London 2013. Evelyne performes on Cap d’Antibes on April 25 and 26. (see above)

Bon Chance Antibes from John and your 1080 children in Prey Veng, Cambodia.

Kamau seven years later

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 If you look at the banner across the top of the website, the fourth photo from the left is Kamau age 12 as is this photo. We said at the time that just part of our mission is to protect Kamau and all her friends. As you may have read in several places on the site, our region was a focus for sex traffickers to source their children. Again as we have said several times recently we are sure that out of well in excess of 1500 children who have gone through our schools we have lost NO children to traffickers or sex slavery, plus almost all of them can read, write and do basic maths.

 Kamau age 14 in one of our villages. – school in the mornings.

The photo above (shop) was taken three years ago. The shop was short lived. Kamaus family is extremely poor – they would be on the streets if were not for the family where I live – along with her mother and father, Kamau moved to the far south west of Cambodia to Koh Kong to live in a tiny hut of a biilionaire Chinese property Developer. Locals were evicted and the newly vacant land sold to the Chinese man and the money pocketed by corrupt officials (no charges or trial) – but thats another story.

Kamau works in the gardens of an islands condominiums for $2 for a 12 hour day.

I met Kamau last week in Phnom Penh –  here are three photos of the 19 year old Kamau. I bought the new clothes for her. She returns to the south west today. The good news from our point of view is that Kamau received about three years of education in our schools and can still read and write and do basic maths. One day probably soon, Kamau will marry and have children and she will be able to help her own children to do their homework. John 19.04 2014.

Most of Kamaus little story is also to your left. Look in the index for ‘Village Children.

   Kamau April 2014.