The Rotary Club of Beaudesert teaches at the Schools and sleeps in The Guesthouse.

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Please look at the Video first. It will give you a fair idea of The Guesthouse so far and the nine visiters from Beaudesert:

The group (from Australia) first spent two days in Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. Then they flew to Phnom Penh where they had emotional and educational times at S21 (Tuol Sleng the Genocide museum) and The Killing Fields.

Then on to our villages and the Schools.

This first photo shows the whole group from The Rotary Club of Beaudesert on the Guesthouse steps.

After the schools, we all travelled north to Kratie, then west to Kompong Cham and returing to Phnom Penh – lots of site-seeing, fun and shopping on the way.

MOST of todays photos are taken at the Schools and the Guesthouse

BUT FIRST – a brief mix of photos from the trip to Kratie and The Mekong River.

 of the group, 5 were 17 and 18 year old girls – and they REALLY had a fabulous time both in the classrooms and all aspects of the visit.

 paddling in the Mekong at a Rapids Resort just north of Kratie.

 not just paddling – swimming in The Mighty Mekong

 looking for the rare fresh water Irriwaddy dolphons – there are only thirty (!) and we saw several.

 some of the group on the steps to Sombok Mountain Temple, Kratie.


 relaxing in the kitchen area at The Guesthouse

 football behind The Guesthouse.

and now we head to school:

 taking advantage of a sand delivery tuck to get some of the students to school today!

At the school, every visitor had chosen and prepared things to either teach or to help with. Umi, Beaudesert Rotary’s exchange student from Japan taught origami and art with Lauren and me helping.. We made planes and cranes.. The planes were relatively easy BUT most of the children finally managed cranes too, as you will see. We had bought lots of paper which Umi cut to the correct size (with a guillotine that we bought in Phnom Penh) and we had also bought hundreds of crayons for art… They are artistically very talented (the Cambodian children that is.).

 Happy children – Happy Umi.


 as you can see, we made paper aeroplanes!

 a very successful lesson.

 cranes were much more difficult – one proud girl.

 well done!!

 look what I’ve made!

 Mark and Linda sat in on a maths class (areas) and then helped.


 while the others ran a sport and dance session – Tamara taught hop scotch.


 all the children love drawing and painting… today – crayons

   Happy Art

Two of our wonderful female teachers – Set and Jinnie – teaching everyone, especially us, Cambodian dancing.

All the above photos are favourites of mine (all taken this week!) so perhaps these last six photos will have to be special favourites.


We’ve got 1000 children just like this and this is how they make us feel. some of Estelles many new friends.

 In the kitchen area of The Guesthouse – Umi with a new friend.

 These are ‘The three friends” – we’ve been following their progress through photos since we started. They have their own section within ‘village children’ in the index on the left. I’ll add this photo later.. It is Da on the left, Bit in the middle and Chanthay on our right xxx

 Taken one week ago – one of my all time favourites..

Bye for now with much love from our Schools in very remote Eastern Cambodia
























Video – A six minute progress clip on the Schools Guesthouse – and then school photos

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It is important to understand that our FOCUS is the children of our villages receiving a basic education – in turn we care for their families and their teachers. In 8 years it has only been possible for visitors to stay for one night – and that was 7 years ago.

Our Guesthouse will provide accommodation for visitors and volunteer teachers and nurses.

Today is January 9. Later this month we will receive our first nine guests in our Schools’ Guesthouse. (There’s a LOT of hard work going on to get it ready – plus, just a reminder – not one dollar of donated money has gone into the Guesthouse – The Guesthouse is a project of two Beaudesert people. It will benefit EVERYONE but primarily of course – our Schools, the teachers and THE CHILDREN and the future for our villages.

Our villages are among the most desperately poor in Cambodia. We had to provide something and somewhere where foreign visitors will be willing to stay, sleep and eat for say, at least one night – and possibly several weeks for volunteers.

Open this six minute video and enjoy, please.

(This is a copy of the notes that you’ll find with the video -“The Guesthouse on January 7 2015. Still a building site but preparations are being made for The Rotary Club of Beaudesert visiting later this month. In our villages there is no mains water. no clean water, no electricity, no toilets or plumbing. No one in these villages has ever seen shower units or flush toilets and the incredible workmanship is done by people with no experience of plumbing or good wiring. Our electricity so far is just three solar panels – more later. EVERY workman and woman is local to our villages and they have done and are doing a staggeringly good job. John.) ”

After the video there are a number of photos taken over the past few days in the schools.

… now two of my favourite photos so far THIS year – HOMEWORK last night in The Guesthouse


anyone who went to primary school in the UK in the early 1950s will well remember SLATE. As I reported last year, the teachers are finding that, especially in classes of 50 and more children  that big writing on slate is a very efficient learning tool!


And a lot of people have been waiting for the development BELOW!!!

Both the homework photos above were taken on the balcony last night (see the balcony in the video).

Above? Nang’s daughter, Peery.

Our Head Teacher, Sok Ken, yesterday.

Thean – we sponsored Thean to complete a degree part time (so we could keep him!) – he is a great teacher and a big help to me.

after school, and the last photo today – helping to clean the Guesthouse..

-that’s the last update this month – the next one will be about the Australian visit!

ALL previous reports are just a scroll away – or within the index on your left. Please check it out and try to help us… find the Donate page and 1000 children will benefit –                                             talk soon –  John.