Mougins School – Theatre – for our Children!

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If this is your first time to our website – this is how it works – you have opened on The Blog; this particular Blog is about our wonderful friendship with Mougins School in The South of France, a new Theatre, a Show and what it all means.

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Mougins School – Theatre – for our Children!

I an writing from The South of France – from Mougins School herself! – just inland from Cannes and Antibes in a Province called Alps Maritimes. If you are a regular to our website you will know that there are many posts from Antibes and Mougins and the Theatrcal productions that help us so very much in our Schools and projects in The District of Kamchay Mear in the province of Prey Veng in Cambodia –

so – now – Mougins International School

If you open the above Mougins web link today you find a great article about the theatrical event, the school and our part in all this. Read this news item from the school and you’ll be well prepared for the rest of this blog.

Look back over the years – this year there are three posts related to fundraising in France; indeed this is the fourth theatrical production this year from The Cote d’Azur to help us. Its the second time that ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ has been performed but last October it was in Antibes and now with some changes in cast. So this time its Mougins International School in their NEW Theatre and at the time of their 50 year celebrations.

I have spent all of this week showing power point presentations to large groups, classes, and to tiny groups – talking talking, and a million good questions from all age groups. The 500 children at Mougins are truly engaged and fascinated by our Cambodian villages, schools and THEIR or ‘OUR’  Cambodian children. If you quickly look down to a February post you will see that on Valentines Day Mougins students decorated and sent HEARTS to us in Cambodia and we then sent painted hearts back from Cambodia..

Here are some photos of the Mougins children with me this week.

This is a large group of senior students – all very interested, amazed and terrific questions.

 after learning about our Cambodian children, lots of the Mougins children drew pictures and made a book for me to take back ( and we will do the same in return).

This wonderful poster along with several others and the book of pictures and notes will return with me to Cambodia. I’m looking forward to explaining it all in Cambodia and sending photos back to Mougins.

 A newspaper interview with the cast.

It is the 50 year Birthday of Mougins School AND a new THEATRE – so to celebrate all this AND help us in Cambodia, an amazing team (troupe) of actors with Amy their Stage Manager, has come over from Dublin to perform ‘ The Picture of Dorian Gray’ Heres just a few photos from a rehearsal (so obviously no audience!).

the second page summarizes well the relationship between the schools.

These are my poor photos of two pages from the Programme. The cast of Michael Winder, Duncan Hamilton, Simon Coury and Amy Flood their stage Manager – they are all in rehearsal photos below.

 Michael, then Duncan, Simon and Amy – in rehearsal. Audience were EVERYWHERE – it was more or less ‘in the round’.

It was simply wonderful. Radio and several local French Newspapers interviewed everyone (me too) and published good articles.

Thank you to all our friends in France – from the many 5 – 18 year olds with their teachers at Mougins School, to the entire Cote d’Azur region who came to the show and made all that we do possible.

Back to Cambodia soon and Guesthouse update very soon! John.