Onwards with Theatre Antibea – Bon Chance

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This coming weekend September 27 and 28 our friends in Antibes France have a show for us – the shows have their very own facebook page named’ The First Class Lounge –

There is a photo of Theatre Antibes below. The Theatre is in The Square of Old Antibes. The Theatre is a very special place where the wonderful people of Cote d’Azur France will see the Show by an Award winning Actor – and directly help our 1000 children.

I copied and pasted from The First Class Lounge PAGE.

It looks like a great show and there is a photo of the actor Richard Elfyn directly below – PLEASE, if you are in the South of France we know the children  would be delighted if you could attend and help out. Underneath the article there is a photo of a flagpole and its base that is being built RIGHT NOW at Antibes SCHOOL. Again Bon Chance to everyone involved.

Here is the information pasted from the Page for this weekends show.

‘”Happy Rentrée to all our Cambodian-helping friends!

We have a wonderful start to the new season: BAFTA winning actor Richard Elfyn is available to bring to us his hugely acclaimed show “The Wizard, The Goat and The Man Who Won the War” an intriguing title matched by a stellar portrayal of David Lloyd George , Britain’s first working class prime minister.

“Electrifying, mercurial and utterly brilliant”
As Richard says: “Like life, this play is hugely funny and also deeply serious;”

“Charismatic, with long-haired good looks, Lloyd George had all the trappings of stardom. If ever there was a rock star of politics, it was him;”

27 and 28 September 8.00pm Theatre Antibea, Vieil Antibes.”  The flagpole is an essential part of any Cambodian School and we are very pleased to be able to erect this one at The Antibes School, Prey t’Baing, Prey Veng, Cambodia. This photo was taken two days ago and work is ongoing. John.