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It has been too long since we reported our activities within the website. It’s been a very busy time – first and foremost, getting our methods of funding in the most simple and accountable way we can. With our three schools and 1000 children we have to know that we can pay our nine Cambodian teachers, buy their books and keep our children safe and learning. We have to maintain our buildings – that is our actual school buildings, our toilets, teachers accommodation and Clinic. We do all these things and we do it with zero administration cost and no spare money.

If you read earlier blogs you will see that other than our nine Cambodian teachers we employ no one – not me, John, no one – no airfares, travel costs or accommodation, no office staff. We photograph every financial transaction with receipts.. there’s  just one of those photos today – six months pay to every teacher.

Today I’ll include some photos taken in recent days that cover just ew of our current issues.

If you look at the banner of our website you will see three girls at the left end. That collection that makes up the banner was taken between three and 5 years ago. Here are those same three girls on the 19th June 2013-06-21. They all attend our schools and are literate, study maths and science and are safe within our villages and schools.

There is a photo of me with boxes of the single dose worm tablet Mebendazole. I’m with Nat who many of you will have encountered within the site – particularly in the section ‘village life’ and the little girl is Chankim who is too young for school but dangerously infested with worms. 80% of rural Cambodians show signs and/or symptoms of intestinal worms. If anyone shows debilitating signs they are given a single dose worm tablet. The cause is really a Catch 22 situation – a major source of village protein is frogs, insects, fresh water snails and snakes but they are also the source of the parasites. If you read earlier blogs (scroll down) you will see that we are trying hard to improve farming techniques to a) produce nutritious food and b )improve the economy…

…which leads us to The Clinic. Health, nutrition, sanitation, hygiene and First Aid are the main reasons we have built our regional community health, nurse run – Clinic. The other major reason is that none of our families have access to a Doctor.. On the whole when people get sick in our villages, if they don’t get better naturally and are not picked up be either me or any of the teachers they could and do easily die.

Just to give you an idea of two of the many things that happen in and around our schools, Ive included two photos  1) a group is standing near a water tank because they are so happy that next week the money will arrive to fix, update and redo the pipe-work to get good drinking water from rain that falls on the roof….. and 2) a photo of me with Sok ken our senior teacher holding some of the 100 pairs of shorts donated by Australia.. They were High School shorts and we have discovered that they are ALL too big for our children but not to worry, the teachers will distribute them to village families.

Over the next two to three weeks we are applying a top or final coat of fine concrete (about 50mm) to all rooms at Antibes School in Prey t’Baing and painting that school throughout inside and out – then they are to get an extra toilet within a separate building.

Over the next few weeks I’ll upload photos as jobs are completed. Today I am thanking all the Australian Rotary Clubs members who help us financially – all the friends and you the readers of this website who simply open the PayPal section and donate through Rotary directly to us.

The Rotary Club of Beaudesert is our ‘parent’ and oversees what we do.

As always, I give HUGE thanks to the people of Antibes in the Cote d’Azur in France for being  very much  our Cambodian family. There is another show this weekend on Cap d’Antibes where 100% of proceeds come to our villages.

Bon Chance Antibes this weekend – John.