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This is the BLOG or ‘latest news’ section the EducatingCambodia. It includes all our updates and photos; they then are gradually copied into the various sections that you see to your left. The sections include ‘schools’ village children’and how to donate and a list of Donors. (The BLOG also includes occassional news items especially if they help to tell the ‘Cambodian Story’.)

Please look for ‘Helping this Way’ and ‘Suistainability’.

We have 1000 children so far in 3 schools. We only employ Cambodian teachers and teach Cambodian subjects. We have no admin staff or admin costs of any sort. eg no travel or accommodation costs.

Our Clinic is completed as a building and soon we will employ 2 Cambodian nurses.

Our ‘MISSION’ is “to help thousands of innocent victims of decades of horror in the very best sustainable (see the sustainability section) and accountable ways we can – starting with schools.

We are also working on a range of farming initiatives, aiming towards giving the villagers incomes of their own. John…

One photo is of the Chuor Ph’av School with the red clinic in the distance. The other photo is of Bit and her brother. Bit features several times in the ‘village children’ section.