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I’ve made two additions to the ‘Donors’ page today.

Ailsa and Don Hay have been added to the ‘Gold Donors’ list within the Donors page. (see the blog prior to this one.)

For clarification Ive added the sentence  ” ..Indeed we have no administration charges whatsoever. NO ONE is paid except our Cambodian teachers.” Check the page to your left. This is in addition to there being no percentage taken for administration.. What it all means is that 100% of your money goes to Cambodian teachers, buildings and books etc. John. Then check the ‘Donate’ page to actually send money. Thanks, John.

Christmas Update: New Clinic: Gifts: Payments: Miracles.

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Merry Christmas from the village of Chuor Ph’av in District of Kamchay Mear, in the Province of Prey Veng, Cambodia – (there’s more about Nang and her daughter – our Christmas Miracles later in the article!

– this is an absolute up to date update from our Cambodian villages. Most of the photos were taken yesterday, December 21 2012. As you know I take 1000s of photos and keep the originals in large format so if for any reason you’d like a large copy at any time, just ask.

The 16 photos today don’t cover our farm projects. The tractor is well used throughout the villages and we are waiting for waters to drop before we start our legume crop experiment. Pigs doing well and Chicken House complete but yet to get its 200 chickens – soon though.

The Photos:

We have nine teachers over three schools for 1000 children. We pay the Cambodian teachers In the first of the last block of photos you will  see Chanthou, our Cambodian representative when I’m absent, giving each teacher their salary. Our Antibes Friends (France) who help us a lot and frequently look after the third (Prey t’Baing ) school, so one third of the money came from France, two thirds from The Rotary Club of Beaudesert. In fact, yesterday, only eight of the nine teachers were present – the head teacher in pink took his money on his behalf.

Ailsa and Don Hay who are Rotary members from Brisbane have just done something truly wonderful. Ailsa and Don have always loved what we do in our villages and follow our every move and dollar. This Christmas they have made a very personal decision. Rather than give their twelve family members personal presents this Christmas they asked me what we really need right now. They have given $1500 which has bought 1200 exercise books, 1300 pens, 500 reading books and 100 school uniforms (which actually provides many children with their ONLY clothes).. I’ve sent Ailsa and Don 50 photos of the school presentation and thanks but here are 16 for you!

One of the photos is last years news and three years before that – just to let you know that the computers we bought 4 years ago are still in use… and we still very much remember everyone who helps us. My old College friend, Fleur, from the 60s died last year and she was one of our ‘gold’ donors (more than $500 – see the ‘Donors’ section).

After the first major difficulties we’ve had with a building project (two builders over running budget) our Clinic is finally complete and ready for two or three beds and first aid equipment – for which WE NEED MONEY PLEASE. There are five photos of the Clinic nestled between the Teachers House and a School building.

Look back to the ‘Merry Christmas’ and you’ll find our CHRISTMAS MIRACLE – If you keep up with this website you’ll know NANG and that time after time after time after time she could easily have died. See ‘Nangs Story’ in this website.

Nang is still very sick but she symbolises the almost complete lack of health care in any of the villages – it is Nang who has inspired our Clinic – not to cure everything but for early intervention, health and nutrition education and first aid.

Nang is a wonderful mother to her daughter Peery. Peery is showing off the $1 dress I bought for her. I gave Nang away at her wedding. Her husband is long gone (he couldn’t cope with the illness and was violent). Bonde hair? that only happened yesterday.. “why?’… ” I wanted to look like your daughter.”

In January,  10 Beaudesert Rotary members and friends will come to visit our projects. It is something they and everyone who has helped and will help in the future can be very proud of.

Incidentally our farming projects are for something that is possibly unique – certainly in this part of the world: and what is that something? –

– We employ absolutely no one except nine Cambodian teachers. there are NO administration fees or percentages. Salaries for teachers? The Cambodian Government pays the standard $1 per day and so do we… I am not paid, no assistants or secretaries are paid..

SO – IF we can lift the farming income of the village by … not much — and so pay their own teachers, buy books and maintain the buildings it will evetually be ‘sustainable’.

you can email me anytime on fromjohnmann@hotmail.com,

Merry Christmas from John and 1000 wonderful children.