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This is the ‘blog’ part of our website with all the latest news and additions. You can, if you wish, scroll down through 16 months  of news or look to your left for any or all of our sections – from Mission Statement and aims, and how and why we do what we do, to Schools and Village life… with the occassional national news item as its relevant to us.

The most recent blog – see below – was wishing ‘Bon Chance Antibes – et moi’. The two performances were fabulous and I made a lot of new friends (because I was there!). With the money raised we have made progress in the villages and will make more as the large chicken house is now complete and the Clinic will be ready to equip in days rather than weeks.

Today I’ve added 27 photos which I hope are largely self explanatory… so please enjoy them as you browse through them. I’ll put all their notes together so if when looking at a photo you can’t quite place it in the great scheme of things – search through the following notes!

THE SECOND GROUP OF PHOTOS is from the shows in Antibes… I was there so I took them! They show our Antibes part of the Village family enjoying shows from Danish Stars – a greta magician, a very funny commedienne and all accompanied by a very special pianist from England.

All the money raised, yes ALL the money comes to our villages… no one is paid! Our 100 children and their families in kamchay Mear District understand this are are sooooo grateful.

…{The very first photo at the very top of todays posting is our miracle lady, Nang with her daughter – read more later plus her very own section in the index to your left – ‘Nang’s Story.’ In the first group of pictures there are lots of pig photos and pictures of all our farming projects.The pig photos start with the very first pigs the village sold and the start of our breeding programme (Our aim is for the villages to have their own income stream to initially help support their own schools and eventually completely.. We are a long way off that BUT at least it means that there will be some food on the table!).. Youll see a photo of Chanthou spreading fertiliser on a rice field. Yo can see the boy Kumheang cllecting pond weed from our fish project pond (feeding fish to sell) to supplemant the pig food. We bring in a vet to inject anti parasitic medicine in pigs failing to thrive (see left) and he is seen with Sochea one of the many villagers across three villages helping and learning pig farming – Chanthou to the right of that group of three.

A few weeks ago The King Father – Norodom Sihanouk sadly died and there is a photo of just one of the crowded Boulevardes to see his body driven past.

You can see in the index to your left, ‘Nangs Story’… you should read it, it inspires our Clinic. Theres a photo toay of Nang this week, weak but surviving with her terrific little daughter Peery. Peery is three years old in a few days of writing this, on November 26th 2012. (in the photo they are resting in a hammock). Theres another photo of peery standing wearing green shorts with a group of friends by a fire.

I LOVE THE PHOTO  OF CHENG – Nangs mother; (above)she’s standing, balancing herself with her kroma (multi use scarf) looped over a beam, while she separates rice from stalks the traditional and usual way, with here feet!

In the body of the website you can find lots of photos of the ‘three friends’ . Theres a picture of two of them together today .. Da on the left now a tiny seven year old and Chanthay her six year old friend.

There’s a photo of me giving the final installment of the Clinic Money to our builder, Lorn. As I write the roof is being completed so I may add that photo in a few days from now… for now theres a photo of the Linic with the roof strated and it still needs a large double sliding glass front door. … and then beds and first aid equipment.

Its very important that the Cambodian people understand both ‘charity’ and how to make work eventually sustainable ie supported by the villages. So theres a photo of several local Cambodian people at weekend classes on these very topics.

SOMEWHERE… (and uploading these photos from a very remote location..positioning both pictures and text seems impossible – sorry – I hope you the reader can cope!) theres a photo of me with Sok ken our much loved Head Teacher. John.