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First though,  three paragraphs explaining things to newcomers to this website and to everyone revisiting…

This part of the website is simply my (John Mann) Blog or frequent diary comments and
updates. Sometimes there are comments on recent and ‘latest’ news in Cambodia
and of course there are updates about our Schools and Clinic. Those School and
Clinic updates along with Rotary news and Village Life are also added to the BODY
of the site – with an index to the left of this page. Please open any of the
indexed sections on your left to see our story and maybe join with us in
helping our 1000 children.

The website is constantly updated sometimes within the sections themselves and sometimes with a new Blog. The site is also currently in the process of an upgrade (physically, so to speak) – the little girl to the right of the banner usually moves through the site with you to make donations simpler by have a ‘help me’ button attached – she will be reanimated soon (meanwhile please use the “Donate’ button in the index to your left; similarly the school clock is currently missing, Colours have changed and the index is to your left.. but at the moment I’m not going to work through this entire LARGE site to correct things that will soon be CORRECT again.


I am in Cambodia right now but next week I will be with my friends in Antibes, France. There will be a show ‘incredible’ and hopefully we’ll raise money for our villages. I will take with me a lot of new photos and stories from our families and children and give a presentation – but the main attraction is a SHOW. In this Blog I’ll include just a few photos with the rest to come in the weeks to follow.

This is the letter that went out from my friends on Cap d’Antibes to friends in the region to prepare them for the two night show… here it is…

“Dear Friends

Happy rentree to all! We’re back and have we got a treat in store for you! At our venue on 28th and 29th September come and be uproariously entertained by

the explosive talents of Vivienne McKee, the fireball that created London Toast Theatre in Copenhagen, and Barrie Bignold, the inventive and whimsical pianist, in an evening of the best in cabaret, comedy and anecdote – Nordic Noir! Borh Vivienne and Barrie have trodden the Red Pear boards; Viv with’Shaking up Shakespeare’and Bazza with both of Sheila Steafel’s shows, way back in the 90s

And that’s not all!.

Morten Deurell seems like an ordinary magician but it soon becomes clear his, is magic with a twist! He has redefined the genre and invented his very own niche in comedy magic! Sleight of hand meets stand up comedy meets improvisation. With successful shows in Denmark and Sweden and hundreds of outrageous appearance on Danish television, his show Nordic Noir Magique is simply amazing!

So a feast for the eyes and ears and laughter for the soul! What better way to celebrate the opening of our fourth season!

And we’re not finished yet!

We are delighted to say the founder of the wonderful Cambodian schools project, John Mann, will also be joining us to give a personal update and thank us for our continued support for his amazing achievement!

Those of you who have attended know the venue transforms into a special place of creativity and intimacy; an elusive combination with a magic all of its own, giving our evenings a unique and special charm. If you’ve not joined us, why not enjoy complimentary wine and canapés along with top class professional entertainment for a donation of just 20 euros, all of which, goes directly to a project which is changing the lives of thousands!

Come along! Curtain at 8 pm. Book by email or telephone

We look forward to welcoming you from 7.45 onwards with warm hearts and a chilled glasss!” ….. that was the letter that went into Antibes!

In our website I try to mix photos of progress with the sad reality of just how bad it is for many.

First today, this photo of Nats bathroom is the reality for many. You can see that she tres hard. Her family clean their teeth and do their laundry. This ground water is also their drinking water.

Secondly, as you will hear later, our various farming projects seem to be doing well, so far. Pigs, chickens, fish and alternative crops. Chanthou, our Cambodian coordinator learnt well on her visit to Australia and one of the things she is teaching the villages is caring for livestock. She has really taken it to heart. In this photo she is massaging a very sick young pig with Tiger Balm! (The pig was thriving within an hour!!!)

The third photo today is simply a stunning view. I took this photo yesterday with an old iphone3. Behind every home there are rice fields. Rice gives a family income of US$1 per day. What we are trying to do is through a variety of linked projects, lift the villages’ income. … See you in Antibes. John.