Village income, pigs and a Rotary Tiller.

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Here is todays blog;
Please scroll down to the blog dated June 6 – “Sustainable farming and the villages” – . All is going well with the villages first 8 pigs and we have bought 12 piglets, so that after the sale of the bigger pigs we will still have growing pigs.
In a major move towards a sustainable village income we have bought a Kubota Rotary Tiller (Japanese but made in Thailand) for the villages. The villagers from our main village, Chuor Ph’av, went to the dealer 2 days ago and paid for it and collected it.
As you may know, we have a policy of not only keeping invoices and receipts but we also photograph all monetary transactions (eg. paying teachers). One of the photos shows Chanthou handing over US$3450 to the Kubota dealer in the small Prey Veng town of Svay Antor – just 45 minutes away from our villages. We have always tried to spend all our money as locally as we can.
The walking tractor has many uses. The paddle wheels are for rice cultivation. The large rubber tyred wheels mean we can plough drier land after the rice harvest ready for our next new venture – legumes. We hope to grow legumes either with or after rice crops. The trailer can be easily attached via a towing hitch and the ‘RT’ then becomes a very useful vehicle for carrying animals, bulk animal food and indeed children and families to school or clinic.
The villagers are excited about these farming and income plans. It will need a lot of dedicated work and they are ready.
To equip our Clinic, pay nurses, pay teachers, buy books and, hopefully in the future, build more schools in similarly needy places within our regions of Eastern Cambodia we need YOUR help. – Please look to right of the screen and ‘click’ on Clee’s ‘HELP ME’ button to make a tax deductible donation – John.