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FIRST, please scroll down and look at the blog dated June 6 titled “Bon Chance…” – It prepares you for this report on the show!! (If you’ve just hit upon this site and are simply looking for hundreds of stories and photos about our Cambodian schools and projects then just look to the index down the right side of the screen)


The jazz performance on Cap d’Antibes was a great success. All money – 100% is already in our Cambodian villages and means that we can now complete building THE CLINIC..  ‘Incredible Antibes – Merci beaucoup’!!

There are 17 photos: The photo above is, I think, wonderfully French and was one of the after show party photos. The next two are of Hils who hosts the shows – addressing the audience before a slide show of some brand new photos from the villages together with some old ones that tell the story.

The next three photos are from the slide show to the audience. They show hand mixing ALL our concrete, the family of Chanthou our village organiser and of our brand new project (see a recent blog) – pig rearing.

The next two photos show Jane Schecter, the great jazz singer and her musicians, Claude Tedesco – pianist and Marc Peillon on bass fiddle. This is a link to 16 youtube videos showing Jane’s work. I’ve watched and heard them all – they are ,beautiful beautiful http://www.youtube.com/user/janejazz1

The show was on a summers evening less than two weeks ago on The South Coast of France – the audience was overflowing into the garden… one more photo of the very talented Jane and then  the remaining eight photos show the post show gathering in the adjacent Cote d’Azur garden. … Thankyou on behalf of all of OUR children and their families.. John.


Bon Chance Antibes …

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On Sunday June 10th our best friends from Antibes and surrounds will gather on Cap d’Antibes for a concert of  great importance to both the people of Antibes and the children and families of Kamchay Mear District in the Prey Veng Province of Cambodge (Cambodia).

The people of Antibes love the children and the children love Antibes – a long way on a map but right there together within their hearts.                            Bon Chance Antibes.

If you scroll down a little to the previous blog you will see some of the photos and messages
that you might see together at the concert.

… and the photo is of Sok Ken, our senior teacher; on Sok ken’s left is Chanthou who figures a lot in yesterday’s blog about farming in the villages – Chanthou is our village liaison and my number one helper – she has been from the beginning. I am on Chanthou’s left. We are holding photos of Antibes. Antibes is in the Cote d’Azur, France and overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Roland and Eva, sometimes from Sweden and sometimes from Antibes were visiting 6 months ago (Earlier reports in this blog) and gave us many books, lots of love and beautiful photos from Antibes.. John.

ADDED June 15 – I’m waiting for photos and a report from France but email messages to me say it was a GREAT night.. so photos soon. John.

Sustainability, farming and the villages.

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Unless a village or community can raise its own wealth – then schools, hospitals etc will forever need outside funding. Our aim has always been to improve the lot of the entire village community. Our model of expecting that almost all work and effort is from the villagers themselves is our main strength and of course reduces the reliance on endless funding while lifting the morale and prospects for everyone but especially the children.

This is more or less an exact copy of the letter I sent yesterday to our  friends in Antibes, France (see also lots of blogs below about the huge support we get from Antibes). My wonderful friends in Antibes have a show on Sunday 10th June and will again try to raise money for our villages… Tomorrow I will post a special “Bon chance’ blog for Antibes!!. What you see in this blog is some of the photos that will be projected to a special gathering on Cap d’Antibes high on the French Mediterranean Coast.. so more tomorrow!
today… If you scroll down to the blog dated 18th May… you will see that Chanthou, our number one Khmer liaison and village organizer, came to Australia for six weeks and learned a lot and the people in OZ learned a lot from her. She is back in the villages right now and I will return to Cambodia and our villages very soon. I am currently visiting clubs and schools in Australia talking about our projects and a school or maybe 2 or 3 schools may arrange visits to the villages at say the end of their year 12 ( before university).

For four years we have wanted some sort of income stream for the villages. We have our schools and when the Clinic is finished we will have basic health care but what about employment? What about an income of their own? and incidentally, nutrition?

In Australia, Chanthou was so impressed and utterly amazed  (by everything) particularly by farms and market gardens that the solution to village income became clear. A number of friends have paid for a pig pen (big sty) and 8 partly grown pigs. There is, as I write, another pen being planned.You can see from the photos that it’s very much a tropical design. The key is FOOD for the pigs. I bought pigs once before but didn’t price in feeding them right up to point of sale. Plus, rice straw, I have learned, provides almost zero nutrition…. So, we need and are buying nutritious food. There is a ready market for the entire pig and with careful bookkeeping we can and will judge our profits and be able to expand through the villages.

There’s a photo of a small pen near completion – that’s for CHICKS, baby chickens – similarly the key will be food. At the moment village chickens are scrawny with little meat and again there is a ready market for chicken meat. (Cambodians eat duck eggs, not chicken eggs).  The chicks when grown will be moved to a large free range chicken area which we aim to build within a month.

One photo shows 3 year old Maigin who has to
wait two years to start at the Antibes school in Prey t’Baing. She’s next to the pig pen after completion with pigs and water butt.

Three photos show the twins, Soklep and Sokleah, (aged 10 and now good at reading, writing and arithmetic – they start English later this year) – they are with the precious food we are buying for the pigs – at least until we can work out the net profit.

As the pig and chicken venture grows and/or changes, I’ll tell you about it in this blog….. and look for the special Antibes message tomorrow! John.

Rock and Roll Cambodia BEFORE the Khmer Rouge

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http://youtu.be/Z1epvOrrmvY This is a sad and great piece of RECENT history. Modern music was very much alive and well in Cambodia prior to the Vietnam War, US bombing of Cambodia and of course The Khmer Rouge. John.