Every cent is important.

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  When you’ve scrolled through this blog and moved through the sections to your right you may be worried that a few dollars may not be significant.. EVERY CENT changes things in our villages. This is a photo of Keith a Beaudesert Rotary Club member collecting coins outside Woolworths in Beaudesert today. (When Keith is not doing this he works two months every year helping Santa Claus!).. John.

Damming the Mekong – Update.

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You may already know that Laos wants to buil a large dam on their section of the Mekong – pricipally to sell electricity to neighbouring Thailand.Vietnam and Cambodia very strongly object – even Thailand officially objects and environmentalists around the world are extremely concerned. This is an update from The BBC.

We’ve talked about this before and over the next few years it will become a VERY BIG issue. All Cambodian people should learn what is happening to the Mekong. In fact Cambodia’s best hope is VIETNAM! Vietnam is very angry that Laos wants to dam so much water. John.

Cambodia and Global Warming

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Of the worlds 200 countries surveyed – Cambodia is in the top ten most at risk from clmate change…mostly because of the low lying coastal region. I suggest the people who live in heavy polluting countries, including the USA, all of Europe, Australia… and China join the people who are trying to do something about climate change.
It was an advertising company who invented the phrase ‘climate change’ for George Bush because he didn’t like the phrase ‘global warming’ – he thought that if it’s called ‘global warming’ we had better do something about it!! John.
This is a news article from USA TODAY

Haiti the most vulnerable to climate change; Iceland the
least at risk

By Doyle

People walk through a flooded market
during rains caused by the remains of Hurricane Tomas in Port-au-Prince, Haiti,
in 2010. A new survey reports that Haiti is the nation most vulnerable to
climate change.
By Spencer Platt, Getty

Haiti is the nation most at risk from rising sea
levels, floods and other impacts of climate change, according to a new global
survey from the U.K. risk analysis firm Maplecroft.Thirty countries are listed as being at ‘extreme risk,’ with the top 10
comprising of Haiti, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Cambodia,
Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi and the

The survey, the Climate Change Vulnerability Index, ranks nearly
200 nations in terms of vulnerability to climate change.

“Climate change and population growth form the two greatest challenges facing
the world over the next century,” Maplecroft states in an online report.

As for cities, those most at risk are Calcutta in India, Manila in the
Philippines, Jakarta in Indonesia and Dhaka and Chittagong in Bangladesh.

Iceland is the country which is forecast to suffer the least, the survey
reports. The other best-performing countries in the survey are almost
exclusively in Northern Europe, with Finland, Ireland, Sweden and Norway all in
the top ten, as noted in a CNN report about the survey.

“The U.S. is categorized as low risk, although some coastal regions,
including Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, North and South Carolina were rated as
‘high risk,'” the CNN report notes.

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Faintings – blame anything but the truth

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This is a news article about a mass fainting at a Cambodian school where the teacher made the children stand for a long time as a punishment. The authorities blamed the tree they were near for stealing oxygen. Mass faintings in factories are also treated with official denial.
Crazy though this must sound – people around the world with something to avoid often blame TREES. In this case it is far too difficult to blame a stupid instruction from a teacher for kids to stand in the sun – too difficult to blame bad nutrition ….with garment workers – too difficult to blame about ten of their oppressive conditions of work.. Pesticide manufacturers blaming anything but THEIR product. In Australia some bad farmers who want to cut down EVERY tree also use this stupid argument about trees taking oxygen from humans.. The answer is REMEMBER what we are taught in primary school. Trees use CO2 and give us O2.( it is perhaps just one reason why we are building PRIMARY SCHOOLS) John


Burleigh Heads Rotary meeting – Australia

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I am in Australia this month, talking to Rotary Clubs. This morning I had bacon and eggs at the Burleigh Heads breakfast meeting – the photo is from the Club’s venue, The Burleigh Heads Surf Club. This is Geoff and Derrick on the verandah – and the spectacular view north to Surfers Paradise. I talked about our work in Prey Veng.

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Nang’s Story

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 Nang with Doctor Suy at Calmette Hospital.

 Find NANG’S STORY in the menu on the right of your screen and enjoy the

ROLLER COASTER ride through a Health Sytsem and Nang trying their best.

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A very moving and remarkable reunion

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This link from Voice of America is well worth opening. Seven children and mum believed Dad to be executed by the KR…They had tried to execute him twice! His family went to Canada as refugees. He believed his family had been killed by the KR…. Its a great story.

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Floods in Cambodia

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  This photo was taken 3 days ago in Phnom Penh. The death toll from floods in Cambodia has risen to 176 as of October 6. Over 200 have also died in Neighbouring Thai provinces.

 Look carefully, if you don’t know Cambodia, each one of these little houses is a family home.

Long term US resident deported back to Cambodia

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This article should be of particular interest to Cambodian residents in the USA who havent got US citizenship. Many refugees who arrived in the early 80s and beyond  have citizenship – but many who were children (and therefore CAMBODIAN) have not bothered to get US citizenship.

This is a newspaper article from Sacramento in the USA.

There are now so many deprted US residents back in Cambodia that theres actually an organisation to try to help their re-assimilation!!..

 The moral of the story is, if you dont have citizenship of the country you are living in and commit a crime you can expect to be deported.