District Governor at Beaudesert Rotary meeting

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  Look to the right of this page and open the ROTARY section for todays update. There are five photos and notes on the meting of The Rotary Club of Beaudesert’seeting of 20.09.11. Thre are 55 clubs in our district (District 9640) and the District Governor Gaham Jones was with us – second from the left, with his wife Marion… Much more in the Rotary section… If you are new to this site, please just browse through everything. Clee is the little girl asking you to help – she will stay with you.

Khmer and Thai government friendliness – getting better.

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This is a story about an inter government soccer match with Hun Sen scoring a goal!

One election can make so much difference. Everyday there’s a good news
story about good friendships with Thailand. There’s still much to do.
Border and oil conflicts mostly. There’s a huge problem looming. Laos
wants to build a dam on the Mekong and Thailand wants to buy the electricity.
Cambodia and Vietnam don’t want any more big dams on the Mekong for
VERY good reasons. Environmentalists around the world are saying NO to this dam.

There are sooooo many reasons not to build dams on The Mekong.

Remember Vietnam has the DELTA and will hopefully win the argument.

50 new photos with notes and new DONATE page

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Check the DONATE page. Almost all charities take a PERCENTAGE of donations for administration and it can vary widely from around 10% to 80%. We take nothing as a percentage; all costs are listed. You know where every dollar goes. If a large donation is made the only people to profit are the childrens schools and village projects.


 New photos and notes have today been added to the following sections: Village Life, Village Children, Khmer Rouge, Schools, Rotary and Sustainability.

Please, go to the HOME page and start exploring.

lots of new photos coming

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Today I’ve added a photo of Beaudesert Rotary Club’s amazing little kitchen on wheels. You’ll find it in the ROTARY section – see the menu on the right.

Over the next two weeks I’ll add 100 new photos and notes from our villages. I’ll alert people on Facebook, emails and this blog when they are all uploaded – with a guide to where they are!

This is the blog with notes as they arise concerning Cambodian events in general. FOR THE SCHOOLS – look to the index on the right and start with the HOME PAGE.

Garment Factory Faintings

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This is the blog with notes as they arise concerning Cambodian events in general. FOR THE SCHOOLS – look to the index on the right and start with the HOME PAGE.


The ILO estimates there have been around 10 mass fainting incidents at
Cambodian factories this year (AFP/File, AFP)

Clothing brands ‘to probe Cambodia faintings’
(AFP) – 5 hours ago
PHNOM PENH — More than two dozen global clothing brands on Tuesday
pledged to investigate a spate of mass faintings among Cambodian
garment workers, the UN’s labour agency said.
The retailers said they would provide resources and international
expertise to find out why hundreds of their suppliers’ employees have
collapsed recently, the International Labour Organisation said after a
meeting in Phnom Penh.
Among the retailers who supported the initiative were Gap, H&M,
Walmart and Target, a source who attended the gathering but wished to
remain anonymous told AFP.
“More research is urgently needed to identify possible new causes that
will explain the fainting phenomenon, as well as eliminate ones we
know about, in areas such as occupational safety, health and
nutrition,” said Tuomo Poutiainen of the ILO’s Better Factories
Cambodia Programme.
He welcomed the call to action from the brands and noted that the
Cambodian government had also set up an inter-ministerial task force
to address the issue.
The mass fainting episodes, which appear to be unique to the Cambodian
garment industry, are often blamed on workers’ poor health, bad
ventilation in the workplace or exposure to dangerous chemicals.
The ILO estimates there have been around 10 mass fainting incidents so
far this year in the country, which has nearly 300 factories making
clothing for export.
Last month, nearly 300 workers had to be hospitalised after falling
ill in a factory that supplies knitwear for H&M, which is still
investigating the incident with Better Factories Cambodia.
Earlier this year, German sportswear giant Puma said long working
hours and numerous health and safety breaches at a footwear supplier
were to blame for more than 100 employees collapsing.
The garment industry is a key source of foreign income for Cambodia
and employs more than 300,000 workers, mostly women.

Additions to THE KHMER ROUGE section

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There are two additions to the Khmer Rouge section today:

1.Very sadly, yesterday September 5 2011 Vann Nath – campaigner and survivor of S21 has died. There is a photo and the article from today’s Voice of America

2.WikiLeaks has revealed some 770 cables relating to Cambodia…. The more significant ones are listed in this posting taken from yesterday’s Phnom Penh Post. One of the more significant ones is that in 1989 the US asked China to consider accepting all surviving KR leaders, including POL POT for asylum. Please look at the right hand index and click Khmer Rouge.